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Best Mosquito Killer Rackets on Amazon India

During the summer, the population of mosquitoes drastically increase. Along with themselves, mosquitoes bring lot of diseases. With the bite of mosquitoes, chances of Malaria, Dengue etc. also increase.

From the studies, it has been discovered that a female mosquito lay around 100 to 200 eggs inside human blood after biting which means a mosquito can bring lot more problems than you think. So, to prevent any problem to be happened from mosquitoes is by killing the mosquitoes.

The most popular ways to instant kill mosquitoes is by using mosquito coils, refills solutions, using hands to kill mosquitoes (the easiest and the most popular way) and using anti-mosquito rackets.

Best Mosquito Killing Rackets under ₹1000


Anti-Mosquito Rackets are quite popular for killing mosquitoes instantly. These mosquito rackets are very affordable and even a kid can use it. These mosquito rackets are normally powered by two AA batteries which can be directly rechargeable from home sockets.

Today, in this article, we'll cover the best rechargeable mosquito killing rackets under ₹1000. So, without wasting any time, let's get started.

1. HIT Anti Mosquito Racquet - Rechargeable Insect Killer Bat with LED Light


Best mosquito racket Hit on Amazon under 500

Hit is one of the most popular brands in India. This Hit Anti-Mosquito Racket is an electric, rechargeable mosquito killing racket. The main structure of this mosquito racket is quite durable which is made from aircraft grade ABS Plastic. It is powered by rechargeable 400mAh battery which can last long up to 1 month and can be recharged up to 200 times in its lifetime. This Hit mosquito killing racket has in-built LED light to find hidden mosquitoes under the dark. It kills all the mosquitoes with its 3,500V DC voltage running from its net mesh.

You can easily buy it from the above given link.

2. Pick Ur Needs® Mosquito Racket/Bat with Torch with Wire Charging


Best mosquito racket Amazon under 500

This mosquito killing racket is from Pick Ur Needs and listed on Amazon as Amazon's Choice. It comes in various variants like High Range, Multicolor, Premium and Superior 1. It needs 4 to 5 hours of full charge before using it for killing mosquitoes. It has the power to kill mosquitoes, flies, gnats and all flying insects.

This Pick Ur Needs mosquito killing racket/bat kills every flying insect with its high power 500V voltage current. Although, it uses high voltage but fully secure for humans and pets. The main features of this mosquito killing racket is that it offers 3 layer high quality net with 12hours of backup after recharging for 4-5 hours.

You can easily buy it from the above given link.

3. WEIRD WOLF Electric Mosquito Killer Bat Racket Trap with Powerful Battery Mosquito Bat


Best mosquito racket under 1000 in India

Weird Wolf Mosquito Killer Racket/Bat is also great option for you. It is an electric rechargeable mosquito killing racket. It is powered by 500mAh huge battery which features 1 month of battery backup after charging full. It comes with bigger and brighter LED light support for finding mosquitoes in the dark. This rechargeable, electric mosquito killing racket has option to charge it using detachable cable for easy and convenient recharging of this electric mosquito killer bat/racket.

You can easily buy it from the above given link.

4. Dani Mosquito Bats Killer Racket Rechargeable Handheld Electric Fly Swatter Mosquito Killer Racket Bat with UV Light Lamp Racket USB Charging Base, Electric Insect Killer


Best mosquito killer bat in India

Dani Mosquito Killing Bat/Racket is one of the most advanced mosquito killing racket. It features 2-in-1 zapper racket by which user can use it manually and user can also turn it On with its UV light lamp so that mosquitoes can be attracted towards the light and got killed with its current. This mosquito killer racket/bat is powered by built-in 1200mAh (biggest battery racket in our list) and it can be charged through USB plug-in to any USB port device like USB chargers or Power Banks. A purple 395mm UV LED attractive wavelength light comes out from it. It features three layer safety mesh and On LED indicator. This three layer safety mesh protects you and animals from getting harmed from accidental electric shock after touching it accidentally.

You can easily buy it from the above given link.