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Which is the best tent for the family of 5 or 8?

During the camping, tents are as much enjoyable as trekking or hill climbing. Living in the tents in the camp makes the camping more fun and we actually communicate with our dearest friends forgetting our problems.

Some camping tents are so huge that it can easily contain around 7-8 people at one time. Some tents for camping are waterproof and some are more advanced because of their weatherproof environment which means some camping tents don't have effect of ice, water, Sun and dust. Even some tents in camping have a spy window to look outside.

Trekking and Camping makes the man healthy and creative. And if you got some friends with you during the camp, why not stay in the forest or a mountain during the night inside the camping tent.

Today, in this amazing article, I've listed some of the best Instant Camping Tents for you which is made up of excellent quality, weather-proof and value for your hard earned money.

So, Let's See further in this great article!

1. Coleman Tenaya Lake


Best Coleman camping tent for 8 persons

The Coleman Tenaya Lake is a huge camping tent. This tent for camping have full space for around 8 people. 

The Coleman Company is known for its camping equipments and outdoor accessories. They also create great coolers, gas stoves and lanterns.

The Coleman Tenaya Lake camping tent is one of the best quality weather-proof camping tent in the world. This tent can contain two queen size air beds in it.

This Coleman Tenaya Camping Tent needs just 10 minutes for setup. Because it comes with pre-attached steel poles, electrical port access, straight wall cabin and storage pockets. It has been used amazing technology for hinged door for entering and exiting. 

2. GeerTop Tent - Waterproof and Double Layer Outdoor Survival Tent


Best waterproof family backyard tent for camping

The GeerTop Camping Tent is best suited for up to 4 people for surviving the night in the forest or mountain.

This survival tent for camping is fully waterproof and has double layer. The poles of this GeerTop Tent is made from lightweight Aluminium. The use of Aluminium for tent's poles makes it weighs only 4.15 Kg but I think it would be not so durable than Coleman Tenaya Lake camping tent.

This GeerTop dome tent has two entrances with two ventilation windows which provides excellent comfort and breath inside the tent.

The poles of this camping tent needs manual adjusting for installing the two poles and in just a few minutes this tent will be available for living inside for up to 4 people.

These features make it very comfortable for camping, hiking and travelling.

3. Coleman Cabin Camping Tent with Weatherproof Screen Room


Best Coleman 5 person tent for camping

This is also a great choice for those who want to purchase a high-quality waterproof  cabin camping tent.

The Coleman Cabin Camping Tent is super durable for all the seasons. It means this camping tent doesn't have any effect of water, direct Sun, wind and ice.

This camping tent is best suited for outdoor camping & hacking. But it weighs around 9.93 Kg almost 10Kg. The iron poles actually make this under CAD$300 camping tent more durable and heavy-weight.

This Coleman Cabin Camping Tent with Weatherproof Screen Room has more tent variants like 4-person screen room tent, 4-person weatherproof screen room tent, 6-person screen room tent and 6-person weatherproof screen room tent. The price of every tent varies as per the features.

This camping tent has panoramic windows to let the Sun rays inside and ground vents for extra ventilation. It is of rectangular shape and has a zipper door closure.

These amazing features make this Coleman Cabin Camping Tent one of the best camping tents in the world. 

4. Pacific Pass Camping Tent


est waterproof outdoor tent for camping

Like Coleman Tenaya Lake, the Pacific Pass Camping Tent is also a great choice for those who need one camping tent for around 8 people.

The Pacific Pass Camping Tent has water-resistant structure and also includes extra venting system.

This Pacific Pass Camping Tent's dimensions are 10x10 feet. which is very suitable for 8 people to sleep in comfort and to stand inside this camp, this camping tent has 72 inches (6 ft.) roof height.

This Pacific Pass Camping Tent is also heavy which weighs around 10Kg but quite useful for days during heavy winds. The Pacific Pass Camping Tent costs under CAD$300 and one of the best camping tent with excellent design and build-quality.

5. CORE Extended Dome Tent


Best Core 10 person tent for camping in 2021

This Core Extended Dome Tent is huge in size which looks quite big if there are only 2-3 persons living. But this dome camping tent can contain up to 9 persons at a time to live inside this under CAD$300 camping tent.

The Poles of this camping tent is made from FibreGlass which is a type of hardened plastic with fibre using glass fibre.

As you have read it earlier, Core Extended Dome Camping Tent can have 9 people at a time. This means 9 people can sleep inside this dome camping tent comfortably.

This camping tent also has big net pocket on the top of the tent from inside so that you can easily place your camping accessories, torches and cutters etc. at the same place.

This camping tent is not so expensive, it's just a CAD$200 camping tent with 6ft. tent height and 8.2 Kg weight.

Best Tents for Camping 2021 under CAD$300

Every camper or trekker needs at least a great high quality camping tent so that, in case he stucks somewhere in the forest or mountain, he can live safely in the tent without worrying about bugs, snakes or wild animals. That's why I had to find the best camping tents in 2021 which can live up to his expectations. These camping tents are not so expensive. These are just one time investment for the fun in the future. These 5 camping tents are made of high quality material and very durable for sticking up for a very long time.

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