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Which are the best stock investment books for beginner on Amazon UK

After the age of 21 or 22, every man and woman wants to earn some money so that they can get the freedom and some also want to help their parents in their debts. But when they realize what they can't achieve more only by doing 9-5 job 5 days a week for someone for only a few bucks. I'm calling it a few bucks because it is what always left after fulfilling your needs, paying your car loans or home loans and if you have kids then there is no chance you can save anything from your weekly or monthly wage.

Having passive income stream, nowadays, is more important than having a college degree. You really don't need college degrees to get rich. And you can't get rich by doing 9-5 jobs. If it were like that, then no one would be poor. Do you know, only 10-20 percent people are those who can be called rich in this world and the interesting thing is that, in between them, most of the people have 6 to 7 income streams.

If you have read the "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert K. Kiyosaki, you would already know that poor people work to earn money but rich don't. You must read that book, that book is for all who wants to start learning finance or investing stuff.

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Today, in this article, we would only discuss about the best investing books so that people can also start earning passive income in their life. Now, if you have got excited then we should start talking about our best investing books without wasting any time.


Topics We'll Cover Further:

Here are the topics we will cover further in this article:

  • Best Book To Read for Stock Investing for Beginners
  • Best Book on Investing
  • Best Book for Financial Education
  • Best Book for Personal Investing
  • Best Book for Investing in your 20s
  • Best Book to Invest in Real Estate
  • Best Book to Learn Investing in Stock Market
  • Best Book for Dividend Investing
So, these were the topics we'll cover in this article.

1. Dividend Investing Made Easy


Best investment books for dividend investing in United Kingdom

Dividend Investing Made Easy is written by Matthew R. Kratter. This book is a for those who want to enhance their financial knowledge in investing in dividends. You will learn how to invest in dividend stocks, opening brokerage account and everything you need to know about dividend. The cost of Dividend Investing Made Easy book is €6.46 on Amazon. You can learn more about this book from the above given link. 

2. The Little Book of Common Sense Investing


The Best books for investing for beginners UK

This book "The Little Book of Common Sense Investing" is for beginners, intermediates and financial experts. This book covers everything regarding making wealth over the long term, buying & holding stocks at very low cost, mutual funds etc. This investing book in UK has 304 pages and published by Wiley Publishers. If you want to increase your financial knowledge in terms of buy/hold stocks, earning money over a long time, understanding stock returns, individual stocks, manager selection etc. You can purchase this book from the above given link.

3. The Psychology of Money


Best investment books for financial freedom in United Kingdom

This book is written by Morgan Housel. The Psychology of Money is gonna change your mindset for the money. You'll learn to how to save money, how to invest money here and there and how to make more money from your money. This book is all about investing, personal finances and business decisions. In this "The Psychology of Money", author has shared 19 financial stories about money and investment and how you can change your whole life by taking few important decisions. This Psychology of Money book has been given 4.5 stars by more than 8,500 buyers around UK. This book has 256 pages and published by Harriman House on 2nd March, 2021. 

4. Empower Your Investing


Best books for personal investing in UK

Empower Your Investing book is written by Scott A. Chapman CFA. This book covers all the major keys of practicing investments from the experience of John Templeton, Peter Lynch, and Warren Buffett's investment strategies. This book covers the case studies of these three popular businessmen and how they achieve such success in their lives. This book Empower Your Investing is for expert investors who are just one step behind the successful investing. The book has 400 pages which was published by Post Hill Press on 31st October, 2019. You can purchase it from the above given link.

5. Invest Like a Bank


Best Book for investment for beginners UK

Invest Like a Bank is a small book which has extracted the key formula of success of banks. You will learn to invest and make millions like most of the banks do. You will learn how you can make more money by giving needy people some types of loans and make additional money with their interest. This book covers a very important factor of money which is making more money from other people's debt. You'll learn step by step calculations, best types of mortgage to invest in, protecting money from scammers and growing your portfolio without even using your own money. I personally recommend this book to read at least once. This book has 192 pages and written by Beaux Blast.

6. Money: A User’s Guide


Best investing and paying off debts books UK

Money: A User's Guide is the best for those who has lots of debts on their heads or can't save enough money at the end of every month. This book will definitely teach you to independently grow your credit score, saving a few hundred bucks on bills, best practical advices on rent/buy housing, student loans, pensions, paying off loans or debts, stocks/shares, investments for extra passive income, money & mental health and money & love related topics. This book is the Sunday Time's Best Selling book on controlling personal finances. After reading and understanding this book, you'll to control your finances and regain control on your bank account. After applying all the rules inside this book, you'll feel independent and maybe grow rich at the end. You can purchase this book from the above given link.

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