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Best Books for Young Adults (April, 2021)

Best young adult books 2021 | Good books for 14-16 year olds

Most of the people in this age will tell you do this or that, but take time and think what you really need. What you really need is not going to be told by someone neither by your parents nor your teachers and friends.

Play as much you can play, read as many books you can read, explore the world as far as you can go, but remember, you are born to live your life not the others life. People usually see what you are doing not what you are intentioned to do. Sometimes you want to do right but accidentally all your work fall off and at that moment some normal back side people make fake things behind your back.

Age 16 to 22 is the age when you have to choose where you want to be in your life after 5 years or 10 years and remember just you are responsible for every action you take. You will meet many new friends and many old friends will leave you at some point of life. You need that courage in your life that you will never back down. No matter what's happening in your life, you have one main goal and you're going to achieve that goal no matter what.

So, that's why, I'm going to list down some of the best young adult books for every student or person who needs to know what actually will happen in their life and what's the truth of life. So, without wasting any time further, let's get started.


1. Somewhere Between Bitter and Sweet ($15.49)


This book "Somewhere Between Bitter and Sweet" is a story of a woman and a man who accidentally meets and fall in love with each other. After that, they starts exploring the ways to protect the place they call home. This amazing novel from Laekan Zea Kemp (author) is a great way of finding out the true identity of a person, the power of food and doing whatever possible to protect the home. This novel has 352 pages and best suitable for the readers above 14 years.

2. The Sky Above Us ($18.99)


This young-adult book "The Sky Above Us" is a story about three friends Izzy, Cass and Janie who woke up after their senior year beach party and saw a plane crashed into the water. In that crash, they identified Izzy's twin brother Israel, Cass's ex-boyfriend, Shane, and Janie's best friend, Nate. And the story goes on where the girls find out the real truth why those boys were on the crashed plane and what they found is actually a tragedy. The Sky Above us is written by Natalie Lund and best suitable for the teens between 12 to 17 years age.

3. The Prison Healer ($15.99)


The Prison Healer is one of the most popular fantasy-fiction young adult novels in 2021. It is based on the story where a 17 years old Kiva Meridan spent 10 years surviving the notorious death prison, Zalindov working as the prison healer. After some time, a rebel queen is imprisoned and Kiva is charged with keeping the rebel queen alive long enough for to undergo the Trial by Ordeal. But saving the rebel queen from the death, both Kiva and the rebel queen died. "The Prison Healer" is a fantasy young adult novel with an excellent representation of the story. If you love fantasy novels or books you must read this too. This young adult book has 416 pages for the kids above the age of 12.

4. Victories Greater Than Death ($15.30)


5. Notes from a Young Black Chef ($17.99)


6. What Beauty There Is: A Novel ($14.99)


7. Kisses and Croissants ($12.06)


8. The Cost of Knowing ($13.28)


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