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Screwdrivers are very essential in your daily life. Not everybody owns this, but who owns a cordless screwdriver, they know the benefits of getting one. Whenever you need to repair door, window, laptops, you don't need to call the expert everytime. Be your own expert and repair everything you can. Because you know, the last option is still to call an expert to repair everything in your life.

These modern days, screwdrivers are not just come in manual mode, there are cordless screwdrivers too which are very handy and lightweight that you can actually take it anywhere. So, today I've brought you the best cordless screwdrivers you can buy online. These cordless screwdrivers can tighten the screw as well as undo it. And you know what the best part is, Cordless Screwdrivers are not very expensive.


You have already seen so many repair-men holding a screwdriver all the time. They are a very old type of screwdrivers which need manpower to work. But these cordless screwdrivers are not like that. You just need to press the button (sometimes just press the screwdriver) and Voila! it's started working. With only one button, screwdriver can make a hole in the wall and fix a screw inside it. And with only one button, cordless screwdrivers can remove the screws without any extra efforts. That's the benefit of cordless screwdrivers. So, let's see which are the best cordless screwdrivers in India which you can buy online? So, let's begin.

1. Bosch GSR120-Li Cordless Drill Driver

Bosch GSR120-Li Cordless Drill Driver
Bosch is a very popular German tools and electronics manufacturer. This Bosch Cordless Drill Driver cum cordless Screwdriver is a heavy duty machine which can work like a Drill as well as a cordless Screwdriver. It has two screwdriving applications i.e. Max Torque for hard screw driving applications up to 30 nm size and Soft Screw Driving applications up to 14 nm size. It comes with 2 Li-ion batteries with 2aH capacity. The price of Bosch Li-Cordless Drill Driver is around ₹4,399 in India.

Best Bosch Electric ScrewDrivers in India

2. Eposch EP-812 10 mm Dual Speed Keyless Chuck 12V Cordless Drill/Screwdriver

Eposch EP-812 10 mm Dual Speed Keyless Chuck 12V Cordless Drill/Screwdriver
Eposch is also a great brand which offers industrial tools and equipments. This Eposch EP-812 cordless Screwdriver is a lightweight cordless cordless screwdriver which works on Li-ion batteries. Although, this model doesn't come with key chucks but you buy that separately. This is a 12V cordless screwdriver with in-built LED torch under the drill and it offers pistol grip with various speed and torque settings. This Eposch Drill/Screwdriver has 19+1 torque settings so that you can drill and screw anytime and anywhere. This cordless cordless screwdriver/drill comes with 2 batteries which works for two hours straight so that your work cannot be stopped in any case. The price of Eposch EP-812 cordless screwdriver/drill is ₹1,899 in India.

Best Electric Screwdriver with drill in India

3. iBELL Cordless Drill Driver

iBELL Cordless Drill Driver in India
iBell Cordless Drill Driver is a very stylish designed screwdriver and drill. This screwdriver/drill is also cordless and electric. It requires 2 batteries which can work continuously for 2 hours so that you can work without any problem. It has two drill speed options: 350 RPM and 1400 RPM. The iBell Cordless Drill Driver is compact and lightweight which comes in a easy storage BMC Box with separate compartments for accessories. This cordless cordless screwdriver is ideal for every material and this electric drill can work great with wood and metal plastic. The iBell Cordless Drill Driver has only Red color variant. The price of this cordless cordless screwdriver/drill is ₹3,679 in India and it weighs only 1.1Kg.

Best Cordless Electric Screwdriver and cordless electric Drill in India

4. Bosch GO 3.6V Push to Start Screwdriver Set

Bosch GO 3.6V Push to Start Screwdriver Set
Bosch Go 3.6V Push to Start Screwdriver set is my personal favorite. This electric, cordless screwdriver is lightweight and very useful in every situation. This cordless cordless screwdriver has a up and down switch which is used to tighten the screw and loosen the screw. You just need to push it forward for tightening the screw and in the opposite way, pull it backwards to loosen the screw. This Bosch Go Screwdriver is compatible to charge with micro-USB cable and has an in-built 1.5Ah battery to work non-stop cordlessly. This Bosch Go 3.6V Screwdriver is available at ₹3,285 in India.

Best Lightweight Cordless Electric Screwdriver in India

5. BLACK+DECKER LD12SP-B5 12V Cordless Drill/Driver

BLACK+DECKER LD12SP-B5 12V Cordless Drill/Driver
Black+Decker is one of the most popular industrial tools manufacturing brand all over the world. This Black+Decker LD12SP-B5 12V cordless drill/screwdriver is a very useful and powerful screwdriver as well as powerful drill. This screwdriver cum drill can be used in big industries as well as small home works. It offers the users 10x 25mm screwdriver bits and 2x drilling bits to drill a hole. In case, you work on a project and electricity goes down, Black+Decker cordless drill-driver also has built-in LED light  for lighten the required dim areas. While it is a cordless electric drill and screwdriver, that's why it requires some type of charge battery. So, Black+Decker has provided a 1.5Ah capacity battery which can straightly work for 2 hours. The design of this cordless cordless screwdriver & drill is pistol-shaped which features a very comfortable, non-slip grip. The price of this Black+Decker LD12SP-B5 12V cordless drill/screwdriver is ₹3,149 in India.

Best Lightweight Cordless Electric Drill/Driver in India

So these were 5 Best Cordless cordless Screwdrivers in India. If you liked this article, hit the like button and share this article with others. And tell us which one Cordless Screwdriver you love the most and why? Thanks for reading ❤️