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Cycles have a very special place in our life. Cycles are like our friends. Like books keep mind our mind and brain fresh and active, there are cycles which keep our body fit and heart strong. It keeps you healthy and if you take cycling as a hobby, it will give you peace of mind.

Doctors also recommend everyone to use cycle for short range distance. For example, if you go to the market on your bike, then you should switch it to cycles. It will do all your work and you will be fit for life. Make cycling your lifestyle.

Cycles are of many types. Some cycles are equipped with gears, some cycles come without gears but has disk brakes and some premium cycles are equipped with both gears and disk brakes.


Cycles are of many types. Some cycles are good for off-road and some cycles can only be used in normal roads. Some cycles can be used to go long distances and some cycles are good for short distances. Let's see what types of cycles can be found in India in 2021.

1. Road Cycles

I think, you have already guessed it correctly, Road Cycles are made for road riding. Because of its slim tyres and heavy body, road cycles are not suitable for off-road otherwise you would get it if you go ride a Road Cycle off-road.

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2. Mountain Cycles

Mountain cycles are opposite of Road cycles because of its tires' structure. Mountain cycles are best suitable for off-road cycling and mountain cycling. Mountain cycles usually have bumpy tires which has less effect from uneven routes.

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3. Hybrid Cycles

Hybrid cycles are the combination of Road cycles and Mountain Cycles. These hybrid cycles are best suited for both long range riding and short range riding. Hybrid cycles come in both cheap and expensive prices.

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4. Folding Cycles

Folding Cycles are for short distance riding. They are basically road cycles which can be folded when required. Folding cycles are way too expensive but offers quite a space in your home/garage.

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5. Electric Cycles

Electric Cycles are the new type of cycles. These electric cycles can be used for long distance riding. Electric cycles are equipped with a big rechargeable battery and a powerful, silent motor. With just one click, you can switch between manual riding and motor riding on your electric cycle. When you use pedals to ride the electric cycle, the battery charges itself and then when you get tired of paddling you can switch it to electric and go further. That's the main benefit. 

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So, these were the types of cycles in India 2021. You can also buy these various cycles from our link. Do check what you like.


Now you know the benefits of cycling daily and what types of cycles are available in the market. If you live in mountain area or close to mountains, then you should prefer mountain cycles. If you live in a city, you should prefer road cycles otherwise for long distance riders, electric cycles are the best choice for them. So, now let's see what the best cycles you can buy below the price of 20,000 in India in 2021.

1. B’Twin Rockrider 340 Mountain Cycle under 15,000

Price: Rs.12,999

B’Twin Rockrider 340 Mountain Cycle - Best cycle under 15,000 India 2021

This B'Twin Rockrider 340 MTB cycle is great for riding in the mountains and across the city. It has been provided great comfort. This MTB cycle offers 80mm front suspension and offers Aluminium rims for lightweight travel across the city. The B'Twin Rockrider 340 cycle has 21-speed Shimano shifters which can be very useful for even mountain routes.

This B'Twin Rockrider 340 MTB cycle has 26 inch wheel size. The B'Twin Rockrider 340 cycle weighs 14.5 Kg without including pedals. 

2. Montra Trance Hybrid under 20,000

Price: Rs.18,350

Montra Trance Hybrid Cycle - Best cycle under 20,000 India 2021

Montra Trance Hybrid Cycle is a great hybrid cycle. This Montra Trance is 21-speed hybrid cycle. The suspension fork is Zoom, CH120E used with 50mm length. The frame used in Montra Trance is made from Aluminium Alloy with Seyoun 700x35c tyres. This Montra Trance Hybrid Cycle can be adjusted to 16.5 inch, 18 inch, 19.5inch and 21 inch sizes.

This Montra Trance Hybrid Cycle has been used 700x35c Kenda Tyres with dual wall alloy rims on the both side. These alloy rims are rigid, powerful and very durable.

3. Firefox Rapide 21S Hybrid under 20,000

Price: Rs.19,000

Firefox Rapide 21S Hybrid Cycle - Best cycle under 20,000 India 2021

Firefox Rapide 21S is a hybrid cycle. The weight and size of this hybrid cycle makes it very comfortable to ride in the city. But you can find difficulty if you ride this Hybrid cycle in the mountains or off-road because of its tyres. The size of the frameset is offered 45 Cms (18" inch), 49 Cms (19.5" inch) & 53 Cms (21" inch). The frameset is made of hybrid Alloy with rigid front fork suspension. The wheels of this Firefox Rapide 21S hybrid cycle are double wall alloy 36H rims and there are 700x35C tyre size is used with the wheel with 21 speed Shimano Tourney shifters.

The Firefox Rapide 21S Hybrid Cycle is the best to ride on flat roads. This Firefox Rapide 21S cycle is one of the best hybrid cycle under Rs.20,000 with great design and durability.

4. B’Twin Triban 100 Flat Bar under 18,000

Price: Rs.17,999

B’Twin Triban 100 Flat Bar Road - Best cycle under 18,000 India 2021

B'Twin Triban 100 Flat Bar Road Cycle is one of the best Road Cycle under Rs.18,000 price in India. The wheel size is provided slim 700x32 with great comfortable sitting geometry for comfortable riding. It has provided wire brake for both front and rear brakes. This B'Twin Triban 100 Flat Bar Road Cycle 7-speed thumb shifter gears.

This B'Twin Triban 100 Road cycle is a beginner's cycle with basic design and requires low maintenance.

5. MONTRA ROCK 1.0 Mountain Bike

Price: Rs.18,500

MONTRA ROCK 1.0 Mountain Bike - Best Cycle under 20,000 india 2021

This Montra Rock 1.0 Mountain Bike (Cycle) was first launched in 2017. It is a MTB cycle under 20,000 in India. It offers 6061 Aluminium Alloy with CH-393 suspension fork with 50mm length. The Montra Rock 1.0 MTB cycle under 20,000 rupees provides 7-speed Shimano Altus Shifter and Shimano Tourney Rear Derailleur. Montra Rock 1.0 has XMR 27.5" inch double wall Alloy Rims with 27.5x2.1 Kenda Komodo Tyres.

Montra Rock 1.0 MTB comes in medium 17.5" inch and large 19" inch sizes with Neon Yellow, Black and White color variants.

Best Cycle Under Rs.20,000 India 2021

Cycling is a very good workout. If you ride cycle daily morning, first it helps you to wake up early in the morning, second it helps to strengthen your legs, third person who rides cycle for at least 5 minutes have much healthier heart than who don't ride cycle. So, these were the best cycles in India under 20,000 rupees. I hope you liked this article. If you do so, give us a like and share this article with others. Thanks for reading. See you at the other articles.