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One Plus Watch (2021) Review & Specifications in India - LiveAmazonSale

Best Cycle Under 20,000 Rupees India 2021 - LiveAmazonSale

BEST CYCLE UNDER 20,000 IN INDIA 2021 Cycles have a very special place in our life. Cycles are like our friends. Like books keep mind our mind and brain fresh and active, there are cycles which keep our body fit and heart strong. It keeps you healthy and if you take cycling as a hobby, it will give you peace of mind. Doctors also recommend everyone to use cycle for short range distance. For example, if you go to the market on your bike, then you should switch it to cycles. It will do all your work and you will be fit for life. Make cycling your lifestyle. Cycles are of many types. Some cycles are equipped with gears, some cycles come without gears but has disk brakes and some premium cycles are equipped with both gears and disk brakes. TYPES OF CYCLES IN INDIA Cycles are of many types. Some cycles are good for off-road and some cycles can only be used in normal roads. Some cycles can be used to go long distances and some cycles are good for short distances. Let's see what types of

Best Affordable Split-AC Price in India 2021 - LiveAmazonSale

Summer has come now. Most parts of India has more than 40-degree Celcius temperature in summer. And in this heat, moisture and humidity makes it more worst to work all day. Air conditioners are the electronic device which circulates dry air all over the room and pulls out heat and humidity. These days, air conditioners are less expensive and much environment-friendly. Split air conditioners, by the way, are very expensive in India like Rs.30,000 split-ac, Rs.40,000 split-ac and more. But some companies provide affordable split-AC in India with low maintenance cost and copper wiring. Today, in this article "best affordable Split-AC in India", I'll talk about which split air conditioner you should buy. I cared about your budget to buy affordable split-ac which includes only copper wire condenser and suitable for small to medium rooms. So, let's begin. AmazonBasics 1 Ton 3 Star 2020 Split AC with Four Stage air filtration (Copper, White) Get It Here Amazon has started lo

9 Best Wireless Neckband Earphones Under 1000 India 2021

  BEST WIRELESS NECKBAND EARPHONES IN 2021 As increasingly more smartphones are dumping 3.5mm earphone jack for a thin structure factor. Thus, the need of wireless bluetooth earphones is expanding day by day. What's more, with the start of bluetooth, companies have made huge changes in their battery life and sound quality. They are improving the batteries and the audio qualities in their wireless earphones like every day. The comfort factor and the dirty affordable tags make these wireless earphones a practical option in contrast to the wired earphones.  In this article, we present to you the 9 best Bluetooth earphones valued under Rs.1,000 in the Indian market. BEST WIRELESS EARPHONES UNDER RS.1000 (WITH NECKBAND) boAt Rockerz 235v2 Buy It Here pTron Tangent Beats Buy It Here Bass Evolution Tornado Buy It Here Portronics Harmonics 216 Buy It Here Noise Tune Sp

Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under 5000

  Hey it's me again with another cool article. Hope you're doing well. This is my third article this week for the best headphones. If you didn't read that two articles before, you would love to visit there: Best headphones under 2000 and Best headphones under 1000 in India. These days, most of the people buy headphones which are not worth the price and they disappoint when they hear any music from these junk headphones. But don't worry. I have brought you the best headphones in three price ranges. Number one is " headphones under 1000 ", number two is " headphones under 2000 " and the last is " headphones under 5000 " in India. Top Noise Cancelling Headphones Under 5000 in India Now, we'll just talk about headphones which are priced below 5000 rupees. You will find various affiliate based links where you and I both will get benefits. So, let's get started. 1. Philips Performance TAPH802BK Check price at Amazon Philips Performance

6 Best Gaming Mouse Under 1000 - Budget Gaming Mouse

 BEST GAMING MOUSE UNDER RS.1000 (WIRED) Today's generation is the generation where lots of gamers earn more than an average engineer or doctor. So, why not playing games? Before we start playing games and go live for streaming, we must have some high end accessories to buy. And buying a gaming mouse is a part of these accessories. Gaming Mouse are different type of mouses which we don't use in office work or at home. It supports high speed tracking and poling speed. So, today we have come with amazing budget gaming mouse which will be priced under Rs.1000. I hope, you won't miss these. Then, without wasting another minute, let's get started. BEST GAMING MOUSE UNDER 1000 COSMIC BYTE EQUINOX ALPHA Overall Best     OFFBEAT RIPJAW WIRELESS Runner-Up     ZEBRONICS PHOBOS GAMING Ergonomic Design     ANT ESPORTS