12 Best Silencers For Bullet Classic 350

12 best silencers for classic 350 bullet
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Royal Enfield is one of the most popular multinational motorbike companies based in India and one of the oldest motorbike companies in India. The sound of this bike and the look of this bike as amazing as its name defines "Royal". Basically, the start of this bike was for the people who love to travel on a bike with excellent suspension and mileage. Royal Enfield has manufactured dozens of bikes with various titles. The Royal Enfield Himalayan and the Royal Enfield Classic 350 are the most popular Royal Enfield bike these days. Recently, Royal Enfield has launched a new Royal Enfield Himalayan.

But today's main attraction is not that. Today, in this post, we'll just focus on one and only Royal Enfield Classic 350's Silencers. 

But what is a Silencer?

A silencer is a specially engineered device to filtering the acoustic noise and lower the sound pressure created by the engine in the manner of sound quieting.

Best Classic 350 Silencer/Exhaust

So, now is the perfect time to elaborate on the best silencers for Royal Enfield Classic 350. Every Classic 350 silencer is different in size, nature, and sound. The power and bass in the sound make the Royal Enfield silencer the best and the worst.

1. Red Rooster Performance Rumbler

Red Rooster Performance is an India-based motorbikes accessories manufacturers situated in Bengaluru. This brand is one of the most trustworthy and popular brands known for its high-quality build. 

Red Rooster Performance Rumbler gives a premium look that is fully matched with the coolness of the Classic 350. It is made from SS304 Steel which is the highest level of available stainless steel.

This Red Rooster Performance Rumbler Silencer is compatible with almost all Royal Enfield bikes. The flow of air inside the silencer is free-flow which means the curves/lines of the silencer don't affect any airflow.
This Red Rooster Performance Rumbler for Royal Enfield Classic 350 gives a long-lasting performance and slip-on exhaust which makes it amazing for long routes as well as short routes travels.

2. GodSend Mini Punjab Silencer for Royal Enfield Classic 350

GodSend Mini Punjab silencer is specially made from Royal Enfield Classic 350. It is vastly used in Punjab, India. It makes a "dug-dug" sound. This silencer for Classic 350 is a free-flow silencer made from heavy gauge sheets and pipes. This Royal Enfield silencer is available in Black and Chrome colors. This GodSend Mini Punjab Silencer doesn't contain any filter and it is fully empty for clear airflow.

3. Neemuch Silencer for Royal Enfield Classic 350

This Neemuch silencer is fully alike Mini Punjab Silencer. But the only difference is that the Neemuch Classic 350 silencer contains an airflow filter which reduces the noise and stops the dust to get inside the engine. This Neemuch Silencer is around one and a half kilos and costs around 2000 rupees.

4. Barrel Exhaust Canon Carbon 2.0

Barrel Exhaust is also an Indian company that manufactures motorbikes accessories. As you know, "Made like a gun and rides like a bullet" is the tagline of Royal Enfield and thus, Barrel Exhaust Canon Carbon 2.0 is designed attractive and premium canon-like design. 

This Barrel Exhaust Canon Carbon 2.0 is made from mild steel and the build quality of the exhaust is above average if we say at least. The Barrel Exhaust Canon Carbon 2.0 Classic 350 silencer is compatible with Royal Enfield Classic 350, Classic 500, Standard 350, and Standard 500 motorbikes perfectly. 

5. Barrel Exhaust Scud

Another Barrel Exhaust is Scud which gives a soothing bass note. This Barrel Exhaust Scud has a slip-on exhaust that is made from high-strength mild steel. This Exhaust Scud Classic350 silencer features a bassy exhaust and feels quite durable.

This Silencer is under Rs.5000 and is available in just Black. It is compatible with Royal Enfield Classic, Royal Enfield Electra, and Royal Enfield Standard.

6. Barrel Exhaust Canon Mirror

The Barrel Exhaust Canon Mirror is a super army tank canon design, long silencer. It will completely give Classic 350 a cool look. Its long tail-pipe gives a high and strong bass which is close enough to the original Royal Enfield Bullet Exhaust notes.

The Barrel Exhaust Canon Mirror is made from SS304 stainless steel which is the best custom-built exhaust available for Royal Enfield right now. This Barrel Exhaust Canon Mirror silencer is specially manufactured for Royal Enfield classic motorbikes.

7. Barrel Exhaust Scud Special Edition

As the name suggests itself, this Barrel Exhaust Scud Special Edition is a limited edition slip-on exhaust only compatible with Royal Enfield Classic. The Barrel Exhaust Scud Special Edition is the first silencer from the company to come up with an in-built resonance chamber. This resonance chamber helps in improving the bass power of the exhaust sound. The Scud Special Edition makes a clear sound with powerful bass which feels very pleasant.

The Scud Special Edition for Classic 350 is made from stainless steel and comes in dual-tone Black and Silver color options.

8. Moto Torque Shark For Royal Enfield Classic 350 

The Moto Torque Shark silencer predicts the visuals as the Shark. This Classic 350 silencer is made up of high-quality mild steel. And claims up to 15% improvement in engine performance as compared to the stock exhaust. This type of exhaust gives an extra sound profile with a more pleasing powerful bass beat.

This Moto Torque Shark is made from stainless steel and Ceramic Wool is used as packing material. It comes in black, silver, black & silver double tone color variants. And it is compatible with All UCE Models which were launched after 2010.

9. Moto Torque Beat

This is another silencer called Moto Torque Beat which is compatible with the same mentioned before; all UCE models launched after 2010.
This Moto Torque Beat is made from stainless steel and comes in a black & silver double tone variants.

The design of the Moto Torque Beat is the only factor that is different from Moto Torque Shark otherwise, both the silencer gives the same powerful and clear bass beat.

10. Globe Dolphin Exhaust

The Globe Dolphin Exhaust is a slip-on exhaust that is made from decent quality mild steel. This custom exhaust has changed the plain bass exhaust note to be more bassy and distinct.
This Globe Dolphin Exhaust has given a Chrome finish and it comes in black and silver color options. This Exhaust/Silencer is compatible with Royal Enfield Classic, Royal Enfield Standard, and the Royal Enfield Thunderbird.

11. Globe Torpedo for Royal Enfield Classic 350

The Globe Torpedo exhaust is a small size slip-on exhaust for selected Royal Enfield Motorbikes. This stainless steel-made Globe Torpedo Exhaust is especially for those who want some changes in the exhaust sound to something different from the stock muffler. The build quality and performance give their best when we ride this bike at higher speeds. At higher speeds, the Globe Torpedo exhaust mod reduces the vibration which is very useful at those times.

This Globe Torpedo silencer is compatible with Royal Enfield Classic, Royal Enfield Standard, and Royal Enfield Thunderbird.

12. Globe Cobra For Royal Enfield Classic 350

So, the last exhaust has come. This Globe Cobra Exhaust is comparably cheap in price which ensures the heavy bass out from the Royal Enfield exhaust. It has a cool design for heavy bass.

It is made from stainless steel and the Globe Cobra has given a chrome finish on the surface. This Globe Cobra silencer comes in only silver color and is compatible with Royal Enfield Classic, Royal Enfield Standard, and Royal Enfield Thunderbird.

Royal Enfield Classic 350 Silencer Types

1. DHE Best.

2. GLOBE Mini Punjab.

3. Blue Sky.

4. Globe Auto Parts Dolphin.

5. Red Rooster Performance.

6. Royal King Indori.

7. Barrel Exhaust.

8. Moto Torque Beat

FAQs About Royal Enfield Motorbikes

Is Bullet Classic 350 worth buying?

- The Royal Enfield Classic 350 is the most popular motorbike from the Royal Enfield till now and because of a good reason. It gives a classic look and great performance as told by the buyers of Classic 350.

What is the price of Classic 350?

- The Bullet Classic 350 on-road price starts from 1.27 Lakh up to 1.42 Lakh

Is Bullet 350 heavy?

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 weighs 180Kg which makes it one of the heaviest bikes in the market. This weight of the bike makes it difficult for women to ride.

Why is Royal Enfield expensive?

Yes, it's true that Royal Enfield is expensive. As the Indian economy is growing, so the spending capacity of youths is also increasing. This is the main reason for Royal Enfield to be expensive.

What type of bike is Bullet?

The Royal Enfield Bullet 350 is a semi-cruise motorbike.

Which bullet is better: Standard or Classic?

If you got some money, you should go for Royal Enfield Classic. It's expensive but gives more satisfaction than RE Standard. The Royal Enfield Standard comes with slim tires, a single seat, and an older look.

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