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7 Best Gaming Desks Under $1000 Gaming Desk Under $500 Gaming Desk Under $300 Gaming Desk Under $200

Gaming industry is expanding its roots to become the highest growing industry. Thousands of teenagers and adults are coming in gaming industry so that they can earn money while playing.

Gaming has been growing since 5 years. Before five years, parents used to scold their children by saying "they have no future in gaming, go and study". But now, when parents see other children earn money by playing games and streams online, sometimes they ask their children, can they play games like this?


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For proper gaming and streaming gameplay, you need awesome gears to play with. You need high specifications gaming pc or laptop, high speed mouse, super fast keyboard, a very comfortable gaming chair, a high refresh rate gaming monitor & a large gaming desk to place all your gears.

Today, in this post, I'm going to talk about the best gaming desks which can carry all your gaming gears.


Best Large Gaming Desks for Streamers

Gaming Desks are often large in space where you can fit your gaming monitor, Gaming Mouse, Gaming Keyboard, Speakers and CPU Cabinet on a same desk. So, let's check which are the best gaming desks under budget right now.

1. Seven Warrior Gaming Desk

Seven Warrior Gaming Desk under $300

The Seven Warrior Gaming Desk is an ultra-stable and powerful T-shaped desk to challenge any serious gamer's demands. The table top is made up from solid steel frame which can carry up to 330 pounds of load.




This Seven Warrior Gaming Desk's dimensions are (60x27.6x29.5) inches. This 60 inches long gaming desk guarantees your comfort and concentrate while gaming. This gaming desk features two headphone hanging hooks and a cup holder.

Best gaming desk under $200 in USA


RESPAWN RSP-1063 under $300

Respawn RSP-1063 gaming desk has huge space for the gaming monitor to fit on. The dimensions of this gaming desk is (31.5x63x28.54) inches. This 63inches long gaming desk can fit ultra-wide monitor, dual monitors or even triple monitors setup that's quite normal for some serious gamers.

This gaming desk also include keyboard and mouse pad. The surface of this gaming desk is 5mm thick keyboard-mouse pad which weighs around 6.5 pounds so that gamers could not find any difficulty while using gaming mouse and keyboard. The Respawn RSP-1063 gaming desk comes without leg-obstruction because of T-leg construction for stability. This gaming desk is capable of supporting up to 200pounds of capacity on it. 

Best gaming desk under $300 in USA




3. Cougar Mars Gaming Desk

Cougar Mars Gaming Desk Under $1000

The Cougar is a very popular computer accessories' manufacturing brand. The Cougar Mars is a cool looking RGB ultra-wide gaming desk. It measures (60.35x30.35x31.5) inches.

The top of the desk is mainly 150cm width surface covered with carbon fibre which is brilliantly designed for gaming monitors (ultra-wide) and gaming keyboard-mouse. It has dual sided RGB lightning effects compatible with 5V connection motherboards with US aura sync.

The Cougar Mars Gaming Desk is made up for high rated steel frame for maximum durability. This gaming desk can be manually adjusted up to three levels: 750mm, 800mm and 850mm. It is equipped with I/O Panels: two USB 3.0, two Audio Jacks, Power Button, Reset Button and a backlit button.

Best gaming desk under $1000 in USA

4. Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk under $500

The Arozzi Arena is a very stylish gaming desk. It is capable to fit three gaming monitors for the perfect gaming environment. This gaming desk is pre-equipped with gaming keyboard pad and mouse pad.

The Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk is (32.2 x 63 x 31) inches in dimensionsThe top of the desk is water resistant because of micro-fibre cloth surface. The Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk is specially made for gamers, so, it can support up to 176pounds of weight on top surface.

The Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk comes in six other color variants which are Black, Blue, Green, Pure Black, Red and White.

Best gaming desk under $1000 in USA

5. Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Desk

Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Desk under $500

The Eureka Ergonomic gaming desk is ergonomic in design. It has a multi-functional design which means you can also use this gaming desk as your home desk or office desk. It has a clean white design with (60x27.6x30.3) inches measurements.




Top of the desk is made up of CARB Phase 2 & TSCA Title VI compliant particleboard which emit much lower formaldehyde than other gaming desks.

The Eureka Ergonomic Gaming Desk has anti-scratch and waterproof desk top. Total weight of this Eureka gaming desk is about 150pounds. This gaming desk is equipped with two cable grommet holes for cable management.

Best gaming desk under $200 in USA

6. DESIGNA 60 inch Gaming Desk

DESIGNA 60 inch Gaming Desk under $500

This Designa Gaming Desk is (60x24x30) inches in dimensions. This Carbon Fibre Black gaming desk is fully covered with Keyboard and mouse Pad. It is a fully featured gaming desk with 4 charging USB ports, a headphone hook and a cup holder. This gaming desk also features socket holder and cable management holes. It also has adjustable legs which is made up of 100% strong corrosion resistant metal.

Best gaming desk For Girls under $300 in USA


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