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Best Samsung S21 Back Covers and Cases in 2021


Best back cover for samsung galaxy s21+

Samsung just launched really huge number of Galaxy S21 smartphones like Samsung S21, Galaxy S21+ and the Galaxy S21 Ultra. They are the latest Samsung's flagship smartphones and they have all the features to prove it right.

Samsung Galaxy S21 is a black horse which has a comparably small size but holds amazing features inside it. If you want to buy a huge display smartphone from Galaxy S21 series, then the only brilliant choice left is the Samsung Galaxy S21+ which has a larger screen size as compared to galaxy galaxy S21. And if you wanna go for photography then Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra makes it possible with its high-quality super zoom camera which is really fabulous and supports S pen and becoming the limit-breaker in the features of upcoming smartphones in 2021.

As Samsung S21 series is a little affordable than Samsung S20 series but it's huge investment everyone want to protect. So, I have some of the best Samsung S21 cases below you'll love to see.

UAG Lucent Series for Samsung Galaxy S21

UAG Lucent Series Back Cover for Samsung Galaxy S21

This Urban Armor Gear (UAG) back cover for Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphones, is a $30 back cover for S21 smartphone. This UAG Lucent Series back cover is available in Orange, Ash, Ice and Dusty Rose colour variants. It is a feather light and impact resistant cover. As you know, Samsung galaxy S21 smartphone features Wireless Charging. That's why this UAG Lucent Series Cover also enables the user to wireless charge the Galaxy S21 smartphone. It also features wireless payments compatibility. 

Gear4 Havana For Samsung Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21+

Gear4 Havana Back Cover For Samsung Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S21+

Gear 4 Havana back cover is specially for those people who always intentionally or unintentionally throw their smartphones on the ground. This back cover supports up to 3 meters (10 feet) drop and it has a very sleek design which comfortably fits in your pocket and in your hand. The Gear 4 Havana back cover is partly made from recycled plastic and post-consumer waste or post-industrial waste.

Totallee Thin Case for Galaxy S21

Totallee Thin Case for Samsung Galaxy S21

Totallee is the only smartphone cover & cases manufacturer which can go for such slim cases. Totallee has also made cases for Samsung Galaxy S21. These galaxy s21 cases are just 0.02 mm - 0.03 mm thin which is the sleekest case ever. This galaxy S21 case also features wireless charging. This Totallee Thin Case For Galaxy S21 costs just $39  and available in Matte and transparent colour variants.

Raptic Shield Iridescent For Galaxy S21

Raptic Shield Iridescent For Galaxy S21

Raptic Shield Iridescent back cover is one of the amazing and powerful back covers for Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone. Back of the cover is transparent clear Poly-carbonate made and from inside it is made shock-absorbing. This Raptic Shield Iridescent back cover also features wireless charging and it has tested and survived 10 drops on concrete floor. It costs $29.99 on RapticStrong official website. 

Gear4 Denali for Samsung Galaxy 21

Gear 4 Denali for galaxy s21

Gear 4 Denali back cover is a cool design case for Samsung Galaxy S21. It provides a non-slip texture on the back and supports protection in 16 feet (5 meter) drop. The Gear 4 Denali back cover is as durable as cool looking. Gear 4 Denali is priced at $49.99 on its official website.

Tech21 Evo Wallet for Galaxy 21

Tech21 Evo Wallet for Galaxy 21

Tech21 Evo Wallet case is made only for giving convenience for assembling small things inside the pockets. It has a pocket for two ATM cards. It is a very comfortable and convenient wallet case that anyone would love to have. It is made up from a combination of super strong materials which is able to protect the phone from 12ft. (3.6 meters) drop. Tech21 Evo features a hands-free stand for viewing display. It costs £29.95 on its official site.

LifeProof Wake Case For Samsung Galaxy 21

LifeProof Wake Case For Samsung Galaxy 21

This LifeProof Wake Case is made purely for Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphones. It is a drop-proof case. This LifeProof Galaxy S21 case is 85% made from ocean recycled plastic. It is an ultra-thin case/back cover for Samsung S21. It is up to 6.5 Ft. (2meters) drop resistant which means it can survive from a free fall of up to 2meters. This case can be yours in just $39.99 from its official website.

Case-Mate Soap Bubble (Galaxy S21+)

Case-Mate Soap Bubble for Samsung Galaxy S21+ smartphone

Case-Mate Soap Bubble back cover is a stylish looking abstract colour back cover for Samsung galaxy S21 5g smartphone. This case is as powerful as it is cool. The special feature about this case is that this Soap Bubble galaxy S21 case can easily survive from 10ft. drop and it is also scratch-proof.

OtterBox Otter + Pop Symmetry Build Your Own (Galaxy S21)

OtterBox Otter + Pop Symmetry back cover for samsung galaxy s21 5g smartphone

This $67.95 back cover for Samsung galaxy S21 5G comes with suitable pop socket. During the purchasing time, you have to decide the color of your back cover and design of your pop socket. Pop socket gives this back cover a grip to protect your smartphone from any damage. The pop socket is integrated with the back cover so that it feels light and slim to the user. This back cover is 50% made from recycled plastic It works perfectly with wireless charging. Otterbox Otter back cover gives durable protection from falls and bumps. This whole cover and pop socket comes with Otterbox screen protector which gives 360 degree protection.



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  • ASUS Laptop VivoBook S14 S403JA-PH51 ($559.99)
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  • ASUS TUF Gaming A17 - 17.3" 120 Hz ($1099.99)
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  • Honeywell True HEPA Whole Room Air Purifier with Allergen Remover ($220)
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  • Microsoft Surface Pro X - 13" ($1749)
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  • Samsung S21 ultra case ($14.99)
  • Treadmill with Incline ($299)


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