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8 Best Abs Rollers For Home Gym Workout

Best Abs Rollers for Home Gym Under 2000

These days, every men and women tries to get fit and reveal their six packs abs or slim tummy. They go to the Gym, swim daily and even do intimate fasting for fat loss.

When a man/woman go to the gym for fat loss, he/she does cardio exercises, run on treadmills, skip ropes. But the most effective workout they do is with Abs roller.

Abs roller is specially made workout equipment for burning fat and developing your abs. It stretches our body to the peak and strengthen your abs.

8 Best Abs Roller For Home Gym

How to get six packs fast? Maybe, an abs roller can get you one. Going to the gym everyday is kind of difficult. Sometimes, you get bored going to the gym for the same old treadmill run or cardio. So, what's the solution and how can we get six packs abs fast? I think, you should get your first Abs Roller for your Home Gym Workout.

If you are serious about setting your home gym, then you would be thinking about spending some bucks in Dumbbells or Kettle Bells and also a weight bench. If you also do some weight training, then probably a barbell. But what about your core? To develop and strengthen your core, you should consider to buy yourself the Abs Roller. The Abs Roller would not burn much money, a few bucks are enough to buy the Abs Roller and it is also available on Amazon. Just choose, select and buy the abs roller.

But which is the best abs roller available right now? So, this post is all about that. You'll find the best Abs Roller you can get from Amazon. So, let's get started.


Best Abs Rollers under 5000 Amazon

This premium quality Abs Carver Pro delivers strong durability than other Abs Roller Wheels. This Abs Roller comes pre-assembled for immediate use. Its wheels and assembled handles are strong, comfortable and feels very durable. The Abs Carver Pro has wide size wheels which provides stability during workout. These wide wheels feel great while carving right, left or centre while targeting muscles.

This Abs Roller costs Rs.999 in India (price varies per brand) and $39.99 in U.S.

Best abs Roller For Home Gym in India

Best Abs Roller for workout in USA


Best abs rollers machine for home

Sklz Core Wheels Abs Roller is a premium abs workout wheel. These abs rollers are hard to use for beginners because it comes with two wheels and controlling two wheels at a time is quite difficult. It helps in develop pillar strength (shoulders, torso and hips) through different exercises. The SKLZ core wheels are light in weight thus very portable. The package includes two abs roller wheels and a workout guide.

These Abs Rollers cost Rs.8,589 in India and $39.99 in U.S.

Best abs Roller For Home Gym in India

Best Abs Roller for workout in USA


Best gym abs roller wheels for home under 10000

This Superv Ab Roller is comparably cheaper than other Ab Rollers with similar functions and size. These Abs Rollers come in detachable handles which makes it super portable. This Abs Roller is capable of holding up to 200Kg of weight. It is more convenient than its look-alike AB Carver Pro (mentioned above). Its more lightweight and more affordable than AB Carver Pro and Superv AB Roller comes without any resistance coil.

Best abs Roller For Home Gym in India

Best Abs Roller for workout in USA


Best Abs Wheels for home under $250

The Mirafit Ab Roller is said to be non-suitable for training the obliques due to its design of its wheels. But this abs roller provides value for money. The Mirafit Ab Roller is at the bottom of the price comparable to others in the list and no doubts, provides excellent build quality and lightweight. This Abs Roller comes in a bundle with knee pad. If you use two Abs rollers for workout, you'll find it super comfortable.

Best abs Roller For Home Gym in India

Best Abs Roller for workout in USA


Best home abs wheels under $200

The H&S Ab Roller is for beginners who try to push a little harder on their core strength. It comes with a comfortable foam knee pad. This Ab Roller weighs only 340grams. Although it doesn't feel very robust equipment in your home gym but it stays fine. But it has one disadvantage too. It is too lightweight that it can't be taken seriously. This H&S Ab Roller is like "Something is better than nothing". It'll spend great time with you while workout.

Best abs Roller For Home Gym in India

Best Abs Roller for workout in USA


Best lightweight abs rollers under $200

The Gallant Ab Roller has a very simple design. And its handles are made up of stainless steel. This Gallant Ab Roller is the simplest for Home Gym. It is built with pure stainless steel on the core, a very durable PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) wheel and two foam grip handle. The package also includes 15mm foam knee pad in this price range.

Best abs Roller For Home Gym in India

Best Abs Roller for workout in USA

7. Vinsguir Ab Roller for ABs Workout

Best personal abs rollers for home gym under $500

The VinsguirAB Roller is also a great choice for your home gym. This Ab Roller is a double design wheel which is 8cm wide. This Ab Roller is very affordable yet it provides stability and durability. It has been bought by more than 8,000 people on Amazon. It comes with strong stainless steel shafts hand grip. This Vinsguir Ab Roller can hold up to 440pounds of weight and the hand grips have EVA Rubber Cotton padding for comfortability.

Best abs Roller For Home Gym in India

Best Abs Roller for workout in USA

8. Syntus Upgraded 6-in-1 AB Wheel Roller

Best abs roller for home under 1000

The Syntus Upgraded 6-in-1 AB Wheel Roller is a perfect choice for those who want quick workout at home. It comes with a 3 inches wide wheel which has holding capacity of 440lbs . The Ab roller wheel is made up of top quality stainless steel and contains rigid and durable PVC. The Syntus Ab Roller comes with 5.2inches long handles. These long handles offer grip and comfort. The handles of this Ab Roller is made up of highly durable material to support the maximum load capacity.

Best abs Roller For Home Gym in India

Best Abs Roller for workout in USA

The Best Abdominal Roller Wheels For Home Gym

Abs workout is as important as legs or any other major muscle. To train that muscle, you have to push harder. And these Abs Rollers help you to develop your six packs abs while burning fat.

So, that's it. These were my personal best Abs Rollers to train six pack abs and burn fat. Comment down your personal favourite abs roller in my list and which one you prefer to buy first and why? 

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