Top 3 Coolest PC Cabinets on Amazon US

 Top 3 Most Expensive PC Cabinets on Amazon

Hi Gamers! It's the new year 2021 and I, hereby, bring you the most attractive and awesome working gaming PC cabinets or some says PC cases which will raise standards of your normal gaming setup. These gaming cabinets are much of the cost of basic gaming laptops but who cares? The price of these expensive gaming cabinets start from $500 up to more than $2000. That's insane, right? But that's the true. These coolest gaming cabinets can be afforded only by the riches.

These cool PC cabinets are available on Amazon but with these high price tags. I suggest you that if you are a professional gamer or you are that much rich then you should consider to buy these cabinets otherwise don't even think about it. There are also many affordable PC cabinets available in the marketplace.

So, the time has come finally. Now we'll have a look at those cool PC cases which I was bragging about earlier.

1. JINGZ Gaming Computer Case Premium White

JINGZ Gaming Computer Case

JINGZ Gaming PC Case is a customizable gaming cabinet which weighs around 8 - 14Kg. This cool looking gaming PC cabinet comes in three chassis sizes.

Small size chassis is measured 58.5x22.2x50 cm and supports graphics card within 31cm, small and medium motherboards and can install up to 6 chassis fans.

Large size chassis is measured 62.5x22.5x53.5 cm and also supports graphics cards within 31cm. In large chassis you can install large, medium and small boards with 7 chassis fans.

Big size chassis measures 75.5x22x59.5 cm and supports graphics card within 32.5 cm. It supports any size of motherboards and up to 8 chassis fans can be installed inside it.

Gaming PC Cabinet, which I listed, is of small size chassis. This small size chassis is priced $851 with water-cooling and air cooling.


  • JINGZ Gaming PC Case weighs 8Kg with 58.5x22.2x50 cm measurements.
  • It supports up to 6 chassis fans
  • It features Water Cooling and Air Cooling.

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2. ATX Mid Tower Gaming Computer Case

ATX Mid Tower Gaming Computer Cabinet

ATX Mid Tower Gaming PC Cases have separate advanced placing for your motherboard and your power supply.

This gaming cabinet is one of the coolest gaming PC case for $500. It has come with LED RGB lighting effects with pre-coded colour modes i.e. Rainbow, Gradient, Blade and Breath. This gaming cabinet has 3 sided tempered glass panel which makes it elegant and mysterious computer case. It has huge space so that you can easily manage your components and their cables.


  • 3-side tempered glass for boasting components.
  • Supports 4x120mm fans or 360mm water cooling radiator on the front.
  • 2x140mm fans or 280mm liquid cooling radiator on top.
  • 1x120mm case fan at the rear.
  • 80mm fan on the PSU shroud.
  • Top mounted multiple I/O ports with 5mm tempered glass all around.
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3. Aceyyk ATX Mid Tower Gaming PC Case

Aceyyk ATX Mid Tower Gaming PC Case

This is a super beast ATX Mid-Tower Gaming PC Case which is around $1000 at this time. This gaming PC cabinet comes in three main colours which are black, blue and red. The black variant of this gaming cabinet is the most expensive out of these three cabinets. Other two cabinets cost will you around $788.


  • Huge capacity to hold motherboard, graphics card and other storage components.
  • Incredible cooling with robust airflow, water-cooling support and cable management is easy.
  • 2 x 2.5" SSD/HDD or 2 x 3.5" Hard Drive and 2 x 2.5" SSD/HDD can be placed in it.
  • Support available for ATX, Micro-ATX and Mini-ATX boards.
  • Max. 7 fans can be mounted.
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