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6 Best Laptops with GTX 1660Ti Graphics Card Under Budget

  If you are a true gamer or even you are starting your gaming career in this year, then you just need to upgrade your personal computer. But there is one problem, you want to play awesome pc games as well as you are a passionate traveller. So, the only thing you need this time is a perfect laptop with the capabilities to explore and play great games in 2021 on high to ultra graphics settings. This can be only done by connecting your graphics card on your CPU. A good graphics card is the appetizer of great gameplay. And all gamers know the ability of GTX 1660Ti when they play games like Assassin's Creed, God of War or Far Cry. These games need high graphics cards memory. GTX 1660Ti is a beginner's level graphics card which is able to play games on Low to Medium resolution. Best Laptops with GTX 1660Ti GPU Today, I'll talk about the most amazing and the best laptops which comes with in-built GTX 1660Ti graphics card. Most of these GTX 1660Ti laptops often come with 8gb to 16

Best Smartphones Under Rs.25,000 - LiveAmazonSale

  If you want to buy a new smartphone for yourself or wanna gift someone special, then this is the right time to pick the best smartphone with amazing cameras and high speed processor. These days, smartphones under Rs.25,000 have normally quad cameras, high refresh rate displays and high storage availability. Thus, you get more than enough features in a budget of Rs.25,000. Quad camera setups in a Rs.25,000 smartphone is much more functional then Rs.50,000 smartphone with dual or single camera. In a quad camera setup, there is a primary camera, telephoto lens, ultra-wide angle lens and a depth sensor to capture amazing realistic images in all angles and distances.  High RAM inside your smartphone is very useful these days. In modern age, games are everywhere. Few years back, people play games only to have fun in their leisure time but now, you can earn money with playing games. To play various games on high settings also take some RAM memory. It means higher the RAM, higher you can set

Best Smartphones Under Rs.15,000 in 2021

Today's smartphones with price range under Rs.15,000 in India, give most of the competition to other high-end smartphones. Mostly these smartphones include at least 4GB RAM and 64GB storage. Most of these smartphones contain MediaTek OS and some includes Snapdragon OS. In my opinion smartphones with Snapdragon OS are much better than MediaTek operating system. They are fast, they are powerful and they can give you two hundred percent of their capacity at the end. In 2020, we have seen so many high-end smartphones, with quad cameras, high storage capacity and huge batteries. Those smartphones also had in-built fingerprint sensor and some also had pop-up cameras. But today, in 2021, those types of smartphones can be purchased with only Rs.15,000. That's why, I've come here to present you the best smartphones worth Rs.15,000 and below. BEST SMARTPHONES TO BUY IN 2021 BELOW Rs.15,000 1. POCO X3 Check Price at Amazon The Poco X3 smartphone was released on September, 2020. T

Best Laptops Under Rs.50,000 in India 2021 - LiveAmazonSale

Looking for a budget gaming laptop? This new list of 2021 will help you choose one which doesn't affect much to your wallet. Laptops below Rs.50,000 are the one which everyone want to get these days. Gamers who are starting their career in gaming industry or daily live-stream games on Youtube or even twitch, want to have such laptops with great specifications and at least get their hands in the gaming to start career. Mostly under Rs.50,000 laptops have at least Intel i5 or AMD Ryzen 5 inside it and a beginner level graphics card will be found under it. These days, games requirements want Full HD anti-glare display, high speed processor, high speed graphics cards and High memory RAM. Not the high, but below Rs.50,000 laptops in our list, which we are going to see, contains that much requirement fulfilment that we can start our gaming career or gaming hobby in an instant. Let's see which are the best gaming laptops under 50,000 rupees in India. 1. Asus VivoBook Ultra 15 & 14