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10 Cutest iPhone 12 Cases Review | LiveAmazonSale

Cute iPhone 12 Cases You Can Buy Despite having quite little display size (5.4″ screen size) than any other smartphones at this price, iPhone 12 mini scale sneaks up suddenly. Be it the OLED display or the top-grade camera or the much-discussed Ceramic Shield, the iPhone has the specs which can make you feel surprised. Having quite recently arranged the most adored charming cases for iPhone 12/12 Pro and 12 Pro Max , I thought your pretty conservative smartphone merits a similar treatment. Thus, you would surely want to style up your smartphone with keeping some protection in your mind, so these are the 10 best charming cases for iPhone 12 mini .  10 Cutest Cases for iPhone 12 mini You Should Buy  What kind of cases do you wish to purchase for your iPhone 12 mini? Is it true that you will go for some sparkles on the case or a very smooth and slim case with a lovely flower design? I have gathered list of the top charming iPhone 12 mini cases remembering various tastes.  Along these lin

Best Fast Charging Smartphones Under Rs. 20,000 ($270)

Best Smartphones Which Support Fast Charging in 2021 Today's market is very competitive. Every 8 out of 10 smartphones are equipped with fast charging support which causes smartphones necessary to have bigger battery. We have been seeing the fast charging  in almost every smartphones since almost 5 to 6 years. For example, some great smartphones have VOOC Charge support, some have DART Charge Support and even some have DASH or WARP Charge support. These are some kinds of charging features which is supported by flagship smartphones at the first then in every second smartphone. People, nowadays, don't have much time to wait for their smartphones to get fully charged. Thus, they wanted some kind of technology which could give the battery full charge in a little span of time. And now here VOOC, DART and WARP/DASH fast charging support come. These technologies are able to charge your smartphone from 0% to 60% in just 30 minutes and in some case little less time. As we can see the

Best HP Laptops for Video Editing in 2021 - Best HP Laptops 2021

 Best HP Laptops for Video Editing for 2021 HP is one brand that has figured out how to fabricate a fair standing for itself where PCs, PC accessories and everything information technologies are concerned. Persistently attempting to remake their standing especially for the more lavish scope of machines, they have had the option to plan and make the absolute most splendid gadgets at present on the lookout.  Regardless of whether being bought for home or expert use, a great deal of people will in general float towards Hp workstations in light of the fact that not exclusively is the brand recognizable, yet it likewise offers a wide scope of gadgets with various details for your necessities.  Video editing is an errand that requires machines whose particulars can uphold the assignment. What's more, with the resurgence of HP gadgets, for example, the Specter x360, you would now be able to appreciate making quality recordings without stressing that your PC may crash.  1. HP ENVY x360 (20

Best Affordable Dell Laptops in 2021 - Best Dell Laptops 2021

Dell has been one of the best laptop brands in the world. They provide the best display resolutions and features at an affordable price. Now, Dell has some of the best laptops which has all the good features including high storage capacity, SSD for faster performance, high RAM memory, high resolution display etc. So, today we'll talk about Dell's top 5 laptops with best specifications and its affordability. All the provided laptops in our list will be priced under $1000 which means any decent laptop user will be curious to get a new one for himself/herself. We have put the best Dell laptops by looking at their storage capacity, working CPU performance and its display resolution. We already know that everyone wants a good looking, best performance and high end laptops to work with. So, looking at these features, we have uniquely provided the best and affordable laptops for 2021.

Mi Notebook 14 E-Learning Edition Launched For Rs.34,999 with 10th Generation i3 Processor

 Mi Notebook 14 E-Learning Variant Launched Xiaomi at long last chose to enter the PC market in India with the dispatch of two Mi Notebook 14 models prior this year. Both the standard Mi Notebook 14 and Horizon Edition showed up without an built-in webcam. It was a frustrating decision on Xiaomi's part yet it packaged an outside camera in the case to make up for the equivalent.  The Chinese monster is fixing this slip-up with the dispatch of the new Mi Notebook 14 e-Learning Edition in India today. We should perceive how unique it is from the current models:  GET IT HERE! Mi Notebook 14 e-Learning Edition: Specifications  As the name recommends, this PC is made for attending lectures  on Zoom or Google Meet at home. No doubt about it there's an inherent webcam on this variation, something which was absent on the standard one. It is a 720p HD webcam that has been heated in the top bezel.  Another significant change can be found in the motherboard specs. Mi Notebook 14 e-Learning

7 Best High Refresh Rate Gaming Monitors for 2021

 7 BEST HIGH FREQUENCY GAMING MONITORS IN 2021 FOR PS5 AND PC GAMING No appropriate gaming rig is finished with a decent, high-performing gaming screen. While one may mistake gaming screens for ordinary PC screens, they aren't the equivalent. Gaming screens outcompete customary screens as far as movements performance as they render frame rates and color changes way quicker. You may collect an incredible gaming work area or purchase a very good quality gaming PC, you'll not have the option to see it work to its maximum capacity except if you have the correct gaming screen to finish your arrangement. It's likewise intriguing to realize that great gaming screens do some amazing things in hoisting the general presentation of mid-range gaming work areas and workstations. Additionally, the bigger estimated screen of gaming screens causes you keep away from visual messes which, in any case, can hinder easily executing your gaming abilities. In the event that you are new to gaming