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5 Best Python Books for Beginners, Intermediate and Experts

Which are The Best Python Books on Amazon To Learn Programming?

In our article, we have discussed all the best python books and their brief introduction about the book. Each book has its own importance. Some books cover data structures and some books cover Artificial Intelligence. Some books are made for beginners like kids and some books are published for experts who want to know more about Python Programming Language. Especially, these books are easily available on Amazon. You can find the books there or I would share the link where you could buy it easily.

So let's first know what python really is. Python is an amazing and interesting programming language which can be used in any field of interest. Python can be used in developing websites, making games, data science, back-end programming, front-end programming, developing artificial intelligence (AI) apps, making virtual reality (VR) apps etc. But where can you start your python programming career?
Writing Python codes are very easy as compared to other programming languages. To learn Python you need some references to know the basics of Python. And for this, you need some type of book to read and understand the working of python. If you are a beginner, any type of introductory book will be good to start your career.

Here, we have provided some of the best python programming books for beginners as well as intermediates and expert level programmers. So, let's get started.


There are basically three types of python programmers

  • Beginners, who want to start their career in programming.
  • Intermediates, who has some experience in other programming languages and they want to learn python programming too.
  • Experts, who has a perfect grip in python and they want to expand their knowledge in python by learning more.
We have covered all the three categories with the best python books for beginners, best python books for intermediates and best books for experts. Let's see how the list looks like:

In this list, we will provide you all three types of python books and you have to think what would be your need. So, first you need to understand what you are. Are you a beginner Python Programmer? Are you an intermediate? Are you an expert?

Python: The Complete Reference (Buy Now)

Python: The Complete Reference - All in one python programming books for intermediate and beginners
Python: The Complete Reference Book is for everyone. This python book is for those who want to start their career in Python and also for those who gained some knowledge in python. This book is written by Expert Programmer Martin Brown who tells you everythin g about fundamentals of object-orientation and the use of advanced classes. You will learn how to make simple web applications and software as well as how to make websites with the use of python. This book also covers how to use the important libraries in your python code including tools for reading and parsing SGML, HTML and XML files. 

Python Crash Course: 2nd Edition (Buy Now)

Python Crash Course: 2nd Edition - Best python crash course book for beginners
This book is the best seller python programming book on Amazon. This book will teach you to start writing programs, solving problems and doing hard jobs easily in no time. You will learn basics of Python in the first step including variables, classes, loops etc. and making clean programs exercises of that as well.

After you go to second step, you will learn making three projects : making space invader inspired arcade game, a set of data visualizations and a simple web app which you can deploy online afterwards. In this full crash course book, you will learn powerful python libraries and tools including Matplotlib, PyGame, Plotly and Django as well.

So, if you want to get into the world of Python Programming, "Python Crash Course" book will be a good choice for fast learning and working.

Python For Data Science- 2nd Edition (Buy Now)

Python For Data Science- 2nd Edition - Best python books for data science and numpy scipy
"Python For Data Science" book is for those who have some major experience with python programming language. This is the type of Intermediate Python Programming Book. This python programming book will cover the topics like IPython and Jupiter Notebook for computational programming, programming with Numpy, Panda Library and data visualization tool like Matplotlib etc. This book is good for those who want to upgrade their career.

Artificial Intelligence with Python (Buy Now)

Artificial Intelligence with Python - Best python book for Artificial Intelligence
You know how artificial intelligence is intensively growing in the market. In every corner, Artificial intelligence can be found. From small marketplace to big marketplace, artificial intelligence is there. Artificial Intelligence With this book, it basically covers all the major topics of artificial intelligence with Python along with Real-World Artificial Intelligence Project with Python.

You will build an intelligent recommender system, automatic speech recognition system, develop games using artificial intelligence and learn to build intelligent apps with images and texts etc. You will create real world intelligent apps in many various fields like search engines, image recognition, robotics, finance and so on.

In every chapter, you will learn new algorithms, applying it and creating smart applications with it.

Automate The Boring Stuff With Python (Buy Now)

Automate The Boring Stuff With Python - Best python programming books for beginners pdf
I personally prefer this book for the beginners who want to start their career in Python Programming. This book is an hand full of practical exercises. Each chapter contains dozens of practical exercises to do for better and clean coding. You will love the fact that this book contains all the necessary initial knowledge for any programmer to start. This book will teach you everything from basics.

This book will teach you Searching for text in one or more files, creating-updating-moving-renaming files with python, searching and downloading the content using python, encryption, sending emails and many more interesting things with the use of Python.

Now, after reading that book, you understand why python is so awesome and everyone should learn it. "Automate the boring stuff with python" book, as its name suggests, can turn boring work into an interesting work by automating it. That's why most of the large companies use python for making scripts to automate their work and enjoy their life.

There are many more books to be recommended like: