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Jabra Elite 45H Amazon Wireless Heaphone - A 10,000 INR Headphone on Amazon

Jabra Elite 45H Review 

The Jabra Elite 45H is the latest creation of Jabra. You know writing about wireless earphones and headphones are quite a difficult task because we can't know the whole demand of the users whether they will like it or not. And here comes the Jabra Elite 45H wireless headphone which is priced Rs.9999 which makes it more difficult because it works a lot of good things and it really is a nice pair of headphones. So, now talk about its good things.

Design and Texture

What if we say that the design of these headphones are quite disappointing? But that's not correct. Jabra has always been designing the amazing headphones and now the Jabra Elite 45H comes. This wirelesss headphones' design is minimal and looks more premium and eye-catching.

The construction of Elite 45H is robust as well. You'll get a soft cushion rubber on the headband. The cushioning doesn't make you feel like itching plastic on your head but the company has made this from very nice plastic for the build of this headphones.

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You can adjust the size of the headband very softly and easily. It is so easy that you just put the headphone on your head and just drag the rubber headband according to your head size and it just feels perfect. Unlike those headbands which quite clicky and irretates, Jabra Elite 45H is more smoother than those. 

There are also controlled buttons on the right earcup of the headphones. You can play/pause any media, low/high volume, turning the headphones On/Off and keeping them in pair mode to connect with devices. You will find amazing USB type-C port to charge your headphone and a button to activate the voice assistant.

Sound Quality

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The sound quality of Jabra Elite 45H is pretty good. It's sound is less greater which you can expect from a headphone priced Rs.10,000. However, there are other bunch of things which makes the sound experience greater than before.

There is no fault in the sound quality of this priced headphones. It is very loud, balanced high and medium pitches and a plenty of bass. The headphone is plenty good for every type of music but if you are fond of heavy bass music, Elite 45H is probably not good enough for you. 

You will also find Elite 45H quite irritating while playing sound at full volume especially in music with lot of vocals. Above 60-70% volume, it becomes annoying, maybe everyone not feel this but Jabra have made this fact quite messy.
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Devices Connectivity

In terms of connectivity, Jabra Elite 45H is great. It offers Bluetooth 5.0 and it can pair up to 2 devices at a time which is nice. People barely use this feature because of listening to music as well as working. However this isdefinitely an amazing feature of multi-device support here.

Battery Pack

This is the very space where Elite 45H shines. The Jabra Elite 45H boasts of the battery pack which is used for 50 hours continually only after one charge. This battery backup is mainly expected from Sony headphones but it surprised us with the unexpected humongous battery life in Jabra Elite 45H. The surprise isn't finish yet, listening to music at 60 to 70 percent volume have amazingly no effect on the battery drop not even 1%. Thus, we can say that Elite 45H has huge battery package. 

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Another fact is, Jabra has claimed that 15 minutes of charge will give you another 10 hours of listening time on Elite 45H. It also supports fast charging, which nowadays very common in headphones. Basically you can say that this headphone is the one which will easily make you satisfied on you flights, awaitings on the airport and the pandemic to pass by.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Should I buy Jabra Elite 45H?

- The headphones' design is great, sounds well and even the best battery backup at Rs.10,000. But you can find Sony MDR-XB650BT with quite similar specs in low price but the battery would give 30hours of listening time.

2. Which are the Top 5 Headphones under Rs.10,000?

3. What is the benefit of USB Type-C?

- The USB Type-C is one of the fastest USB to charge your battery. So, USB Type-C means FAST CHARGING.

4. How many devices can be connected with Elite 45H?

- Two devices can be connected at a time.

5. Best Battery Wireless Headphones?

- Till now, Jabra 45H can work till 50 hours listening of music.


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