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Best Fitness Bands 2021

Best Smart Watches 2020


With every changing food and living habits, controlling our daily diet has become a very important exercise. 

This is where a steady work schedule takes place. This is where fitness smartwatches and fitness bands come.

Fitness bands are very important in our daily routine. They help in maintaining our daily schedule as well as notifying us with all the changes in our body.

Nowadays, fitness bands have more power than before. Some have features to check the blood oxygen levels and heart rate sensors too.

So, today we'll talk about the benefits and features of the best fitness bands in 2021. You will surely get the necessary information today on the best fitness bands.

Fitness bands can measure each and every activity happening in our bodies. They can immediately report us whenever something suspicious happen. They save lot of our time and effort by notifying us about daily exercise routines.



FITBIT CHARGE 4 Fitness Band in India 2020

Fitbit Charge 4 is the best overall fitness band with all the required features. It offers great 24/7 heart rate monitoring with built-in GPS. Whenever you need to check your heart rate, you just need to press a button and here you go, all the report of your heart rate will be displayed on the screen.

This smart fitness watch will help you maintain your fitness with daily exercise routine and long battery life. It supports 7 days battery life with one charge and additional 5 hours of usage with the GPS.


Fitbit Charge 4 offers 1 inch large display to control over your fitness band or smartwatch. It is water resistant up to 50 meters. So, next time you don't need to worry about your fitness band if you have worn your Fitbit Charge 4.

However, Fitbit Charge 4 was launched in April 2020 in US and some other countries but in India it will be launched, maybe, at the end of 2020. And it will be priced at around Rs.14,999.


Garmin Vivofit 4 Fitness Band

Garmin Vivofit 4 is the power pack of all fitness bands with its one button cell battery which doesn't need any frequent charging. Vivofit 4 can be used for continuously 1-year because of its button cell. Garmin Vivofit 4 has an always-on 0.35 inch color display which is readable in the sunlight also.

Vivofit 4 is extremely light weight and can be worn longer even in the gym. But the major demerit of this fitness band is that it doesn't support Heart Rate Monitoring. It doesn't even have one heart rate sensor which is quite disappointing.

This fitness band can measure your daily foot steps. It can automatically turn on when you start your workout and measure your statistics. Garmin Vivofit 4 is water resistant up to 50 meters and can survive in light rain also.

3. Mi Band 4


Mi Band 4 is the most selling fitness band in India 2020. Mi smart bands are now more popular than other brands in India which are there from a very long time. Mi band 4 looks just alike its predecessor Mi band 3 but with some more advancements and improvements.

It features a 0.95 inch color OLED display which is said to be the best in terms of color accuracy and touch responsiveness. User can manually increase/decrease brightness in Mi Band 4.


Mi Band 4 comes with an important sensor which is Heart Rate Sensor. You can easily check your heart rate in a matter of seconds. And it is capable of 24/7 recording heart rate spikes if you turn this feature On by yourself. It also has daily routine monitoring of total steps, sleep tracking, calories burned and many more with just one Mi Fit app.

Mi Smart Band 4 can show the user up to 10 messages at a time which is quite better than other showing alert beeps on the other hand. Mi Band 4 is said to be 20 days non-stop working. But you can expect 10-15 days of continuous working with high usage on Mi Band 4. The price of this smart band 4 is very affordable which is around Rs.2,400 on Amazon.



Honor Band 5 has a very little upgrade to its predecessor Honor Band 4. Honor Band 5 feels more premium than Mi band 4, I think. The rectangle shape of this smart fitness band looks more premium and feels very comfortable.

Honor Band 5 supports water resistance up to 50 meter which makes it more useful even the weather is not good. It supports good brightness that it can be easily used at the outdoor. The company has provided many watch faces with the Honor Band 5. The touch sensitivity is very good which has made menu navigation more easy.


The Honor Band 5 features dynamic Heart Rate Sensor and SpO2 Sensor onboard. The heart rate sensor can be turned on whenever you want, but it spends so much battery. It also supports sleep tracking and Huawei TruSleep Algorithm is used within it which tracks sleep much better and is quite accurate at this price range. 

Honor has claimed that their Band 5 can be lasted up for 14 days after a single charge. That means you can expect 10-15 days of non-stop working of Honor Band 5 with some moderate usage.



Samsung Galaxy Fit E is the cheapest wearable from the Samsung launched recently. It provides excellent value for money with its great features in this affordable price. It has the same design like other health smart bands of other companies. Samsung made this fitness band very comfortable and lightweight.

This smart fitness band comes with 0.74 inch pOLED-display with 128 X 64 pixels resolution. It features heart rate sensor and accelerometer in this budget fitness band. The heart rate sensor is quite accurate for decent workouts whereas the built-in accelerometer detects your movements and track your steps as well as raise to wake feature. But Samsung Galaxy Fit E doesn't have color display which is a demerit of this fitness band.

The Samsung Galaxy Fit E can be configured with Samsung Health App on your smartphone which is available for both Android and iOS for tracking your activities fully with your smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy Fit E is powered by 70 mAh battery which can last up for 6 days. This Samsung fitness band can be charged from 0 to 100 percent in just 2 hours. This Samsung Fitness Band is rich with features yet very affordable fitness band with price just under Rs.2000. 

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