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Bosch has the best selling dishwashers in the world. Every other small and big appliances manufacturer company made its first products with Refrigerators and Laundry, Bosch is foremost a dishwasher company. Dishwashers are Bosch's best selling and main product. It's their best product!

But Bosch dishwashers can be so confusing because most of the dishwashers look quite similar looking. They have over 35 units in 10 dishwasher series. Last year, Bosch has changed their dishwashers thoroughly. They also added Drying Cycles in their dishwashers to give more competition to their competitors like Miele and KitchenAid.

In this article, you will get to know about 5 Best Bosch Dishwashers in the World 2021-20, with their features and price too.

The Best 5 Dishwashers To Consider For 2020 Are: 

  1. Serie 6 Free-Standing Dishwasher SMS68TI20M
  2. Serie 6 SMS68TI10M
  3. Serie 6 SMS68L08GC
  4. Serie 4 SMS50E92GC
  5. Serie 4 SMS50D08GC

Facts That You May Need About Bosch Dishwashers

Best Free Standing Dish Washers

First of all, every Bosch Dishwasher is capable of boiling water up to 161 degrees and uses no-heat condensation drying. Every dishwasher has basic cycles which can wash china and crystal very easily. 

Different Types of Bosch Dishwashers

This is where every dishwasher find dissimilarities. Most of the dishwashers are quite same but looks are different. There are 5 styles of dishwashers:
  1. Regular - This type of dishwasher is the same dishwasher where you find the controls on the front.
  2. Integrated - This type has the front controls and you'll find a scoop handle under the control panel. 
  3. Pocket Handle - This type is just like Integrated one but with a small spot for your hand. This feature is very popular because it matches with every product.
  4. Towel Bar - This is the type of dishwasher which also  includes Towel Handle on it. This towel bar just looks like other Bosch Appliances.
  5. Panelized - Some of the Bosch Dish washers don't have no front, so you have to place that on your own.

5 Best Bosch Dishwashers in 2020

Serie 6 Free-Standing Dishwasher SMS68TI20M

Serie 6 Free-Standing Dishwasher SMS68TI20M

This Serie 6 Free Standing Dishwasher is one of the quietest dishwashers from Bosch. It has the feature of extra-dry option for difficult to dry dishes. It comes with the 40 degree glass clean feature to gently wash and dry glasses. Bosch gives 100% water damage  lifetime warranty guaranteed.

Serie 6 Dishwasher SMS68TI10M

Serie 6 Dishwasher SMS68TI10M
As you know, most of the Bosch dish washers look alike but the main feature varies. This Serie 6 SMS68TI10M dishwasher is known for its silent work and extra-dry feature. This Serie 6 has the feature of Silent and Super-Silent mode which is silent up to  60dB and more with super silent mode. The Vario-Flex basket and Vario Drawer is adjustable to make more space on different levels. It has the glass protection technology which handles the washing of glasses very gently. And finally 10 year rust through warranty comes with the dishwasher.

Serie 6 SMS68L08GC

Serie 6 SMS68L08GC
It has Vario-flex baskets and drawer which are re-adjustable, helps in more spacing on all levels. The Bosch company gives 100% warranty on water damage. It has the glass protection feature for gentle care of glasses and your fragile dishes. If we talk about the design, serie 6 is made of pure stainless steel on the front and has anti-fingerprint coating.

Serie 4 SMS50E92GC

Serie 4 SMS50E92GC

The Bosch Serie 4 gives 100% lifetime warranty on water damages. It also features glass protection for fragile dishes and glasses. It has the most important feature than all i.e. it has the child lock feature during rinsing so that your child couldn't damage anything unintentionally. Although it has all the features of every Bosch Dishwasher in the list except the child lock feature which is very important.

Serie 4 SMS50D08GC

Serie 4 SMS50D08GC
Bosch Serie 4 Free Standing Dishwasher can rinse your dishes at high temperature for top cleanliness and hygiene. It has the feature of child lock so that it could not be opened by your child during the time of rinsing. Pure stainless steel is used for front of the dishwasher with anti-fingerprint coating. This is an all in one dishwasher from Bosch. The company gives 10 year warranty on rust of inner tub of the dishwasher.