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Google Pixel 5 Spotted With Some Basic Specifications on AI Benchmark

Are you excited for the upcoming Google Pixel 5? Here are some glimpses of it!

Google Pixel 5 Spotted

While the Google just launched its Google Pixel 4A recently last week, they just also give us a teaser for the upcoming Google Pixel 5 smartphone. Since, Google have not officially announced its release about the Pixel 5, but the device just got spotted in the AI Benchmark with Snapdragon 765G Chipset.
Back in March, A blog from South Korea reported the existence of 765G chipset in the Pixel5

Pixel 5 on AI Benchmark

As According to AI Bechmark, Pixel 5 will be introduced with 8GB of RAM. Earlier, Pixel 4 was launched with 6GB of RAM and same with Pixel 4A. This list has also revealed that Pixel 5 will have the latest Android 11 on it which is not much a surprise because launch of Android 11 is just around the corner. According to previous leaks, there will be no Fancy Motion Sense which is  Powered By Soli Radar Chip available on the Pixel 5. Soli Radar Chip was the main reason why Pixel 4 was not launched in India. Pixel 4's failure led Marc Levoy to quit the company which was the person behind Google Camera's Computational Photography. Then Levoy joined Adobe and now working on "Universal Camera App". 

Google has officially confirmed that Pixel 5 will be available in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, and Australia. But the non 4g variant of Google Pixel 4A will come to India on October and Pixel 4A 5g variant and Pixel 5 will not come to the country.