10 Best In-Ear Long Wire Earphones With Mic Under 500

10 Best In-Ear Long Wire Earphones With Mic Under 500

Best Earphones With Mic Under 500

After decompresses all the budget earphones which are available in the market, we have made an interesting list of best earphones under 500 based on sound quality, comfort level and availability of mic inside it.

Every earphone in our list have incredibly amazing sound quality and build quality which come in a very decent price.

Here are the list of the Best Earphones Under 500 which really are your pocket friendly and presents you the best audio quality in this price.

1. JBL C50HI


JBL C50HI is the latest wired earphone basically build for the Indian Earphone Market with the price under Rs.500.

If we talk about the design, JBL C50HI comes with a basic shape and has the same size as other this price range earphones have. The earpiece shell is constructed with plastic. The wire is 1.2 meter long and the demerit here is that the wire is not tangle-free and feels hard at the end. It features 8.6mm custom tuned driver by JBL for improved acoustic audio quality.

The JBL C50HI comes with a single onboard button to pick and end the calls on the go. This single button can be used in three ways: single tap accepts or rejects the calls, double tap on the button forwards the track and the three taps on the button plays the previous track. 
The microphone comes with a noise cancellation which is very handy and the output sound during calls is quite good at this price.

Best Earphones Under Rs.500 in 2021 India

2. Infinity Zip100
Infinity Zip100

Infinity is the child brand of Harman which is a very popular American brand focused on audio and visual products.

The build quality of Infinity Zip100 is not very attractive. The earpiece is made up from plastic which makes it lightweight and cheap inside the ear. It has 1.2 meter wire which is flat and tangle-free and feels quite weak. The eartips are made from silicon which makes it comfortable and fit inside the ear way.

Sound quality is where the Infinity Zip100 glows. The sound quality of Zip100 is excellent with great bass and clean vocals at this price range.  There is 9mm drivers placed inside deep bass which is best suited for rock and EDMs.

The Infinity Zip100 features a one-button remote to control hands free voice calls which is also integrated with microphone. This earphone also controls Google assistant which can be turn on by pressing the button thrice.

Best in-ear earphones with long cable under Rs.500

3. Muve Acoustic Drives

Muve Acoustic Drives
Muve is an Indian company which makes audio accessories under the affordable budget.

Muve Acoustic Drive is made from plastic but frankly saying, the design quality doesn't feel pitiful. It provides 1.2  meter long wire which is tangle-free and offers good durability. It has 8mm drivers inside which controls over balanced output audio quality to listen all genres. You find zero distortion in the sound quality even if it is on higher sound.

It provides comfortable silicon tight ear tips to easily fit inside the ear canal. This tight fit also avoids outer noise cancellation. It comes with a voice controlling remote which controls over the sound from low to high. The inner microphone performs great with easy voice clarity during calls.

Best in-ear earphones with long cable under Rs.500

4. boAt Bass Heads 152
boAt Bass Heads 152

boAt is an Indian consumer electronics marketing company which offers headphones, earphones and speakers especially. 

The boAt Bass Heads 152 has a unique design which makes it apart from the rest of the brands in the list. The ear piece is made from metal and felt like strong and durable. It fits correctly inside the ear canal without slipping off the ears. The boAt heads 152 comes with 10mm sound driver with the best output sound. The 10mm driver has been tuned for the best and max bass and it delivers it on the front. 

Best in-ear earphones with long cable under Rs.500

5. Blaupunkt EM10

Blaupunkt is a German electronics equipment manufacturers popular for its car audio systems in the whole world.

The Blaupunkt EM01 is fully made from plastic but build quality doesn't feel cheap and use of plastic made it more comfortable and light. The ear tips are made from silicon which are sweat resistant and tight-fit. The tight fit features noise cancellation effect.

The Blaupunkt EM01 comes with a 10mm driver. The sound quality is excellent with the combination of the speaker. It focuses on 20 to 20,000Hz frequency so that you could not miss any note on the music you are listening. This budget earphone features loud sound output and there is no sound distortion while playing music at the highest volume level.

The earphone comes with an inline remote to control over the voice calls and media controls. This earphone has 1.2 meter long cable which is not tangle-free type. The 3.5mm headphone jack is gold plated so that you would not find any disturbance in signals while playing online and even offline.

Best in-ear earphones with long cable under Rs.500

6. Boult Audio BassBuds Loop

Boult Audio BassBuds Loop
Boult is also a marketing company just like boAt which started producing budget audio products in the Indian market. It is one of the cheapest in the list with amazing sound quality.

Boult audio Bassbuds Loop comes with two tone colors which are quite refreshing. Even the construction is of plastic but the quality looks promising. Cable has come 1.2 meter size which is also quite thick and not a tangle resistant. The straight 3.5mm headphone jack is gold plated for not letting signal lost. 

The Boult Audio Bassbuds Loop comes with 10mm aluminium drivers with little protection needed for delivering high quality sound output. Overall quality of the Boult bassbuds loop's speaker is quite impressive and pleasing to the ears. There are three buttons installed on this Boult earphone to deal with calls and skip tracks easily. And the microphone quality is quite decent over the voice call when using in noisy place.

Best in-ear earphones with long cable under Rs.500

7. Artis E400M
Artis E400M

The Artis E400M is a budget earphones which gives us excellent and admirable audio quality priced under 500.

It is made of high quality ABS plastic with two tone black and red color gives it an aesthetic and premium look. The appropriate tube design along with comfortable silicone ear tips makes wearing these earphone easy, comfortable and awarding experience.

This Artis E400M has the 15mm speaker drivers which produces high quality sound across different genres of music.  For the lovers of bass and rock music, these 15mm audio drivers and tube fit design play an important role in the fun. This earphone comes with good quality inline remote to navigate skip tracks and attending calls. It also has good quality microphone. The microphone captures good audio quality while you're in a crowd. 

Best in-ear earphones with long cable under Rs.500

8. Honor AM115

Honor AM115
Honor is the subsidiary brand of Huawei which deals with affordable electronics products like smartphones and earphones.

The Honor AM115 is not an in-ear wired earphone. This earphone just looks like the Apple one's. The plastic used in the earpiece is just a top-class. The glossy paint is used on it to make it look glossy and premium. There is 3.5mm pin is used which is also not gold-plated. So, you must take care of the earphones if you are an earphone thrower into your pocket or plugging in the jack.

The 8mm drivers used in the earphone are undoubtedly the best in this range. Three buttons remote with the joined microphone is perfectly designed to match the rest of the earphone's design. The inline microphone sounds very good indoors and quite good outdoors. So, the Honor AM115 is very capable canal earphone with awesome using comfort and good balanced sound output.

Best in-ear earphones with long cable under Rs.500

9. Gionee EP1

Gionee is a chinese company which once had a very great presence in the indian smartphone market. But faded with the arrival of Oppo and Xiaomi.

The Gionee EP1 is made from light weight aluminium and plastic material. The in-ear wired earphone fits correctly inside the ear and offers great audio listening experience. The one-button inline remote has a microphone for easy hands on voice calls. The appropriate light weight design is very comfortable for long duration listening without any aching in the ear.

It features an 8mm speaker driver which produces good quality sound output for this price range. The aluminium ear piece casing creates a sound chamber which amplifies the sound quality more.

The Gionee EP1 is compatible with Android and iOS both. Gionee gives six months warranty in case something go wrong.

Best in-ear earphones with long cable under Rs.500

10. boAt Bassheads103

boAt Bassheads103
The boAt has been a great and popular among the Indian market. The Bassheads103 has been the best seller on the amazon.

It is made entirely from plastic but boAt doesn't feel cheap at last. The quality of plastic is used very good without any weak points. The leather finish is used on the earpiece casing which looks premium. There is a slightly angled earpiece with very much comfortable silicon eartips gives the noise cancellation effect perfectly. The 3.5mm jack is tilted and gives a gold plate for less signal loss.

The boAt Bassheads103 features 10mm audio driver which gives good sound quality and bass. When you listen to EDMs and rock music, there you will appreciate the performance of the earphones. The inline microphone quality is quite decent with the outdoor sound. 
The inline remote has only one multi-function button, but more the buttons more likely to use uniquely. So, at the end, if you love bass and with a tight budget you should choose boAt Bassheads103. This earphone is just great at this budget.

Best in-ear earphones with long cable under Rs.500

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