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For the amazing people out there, who wants pour-over quality coffee, we have recommended some amazing coffee makers which are also available to come to your door via Amazon. Today, a coffee maker can do more than brewing a pot out of joe. Some grind beans, other mix milk to make some special drink like Latte and Macchiatos and some brew cold iced coffee. 
New features doesn't make much changes but over the past few years people have seen the changes in the coffee machines. They've seen faster making coffees than before. Some saw changes in the quality of brewing coffees. 
Coffee plays a very crucial/important role in one's life.

Benefits of Coffee:

  • It makes us healthier
  • It helps in enhancing immune system 
  • It helps people to do more work without any stress.
  • Coffee consumers have less chances of Type-2 diabetes.
  • It lowers the chance of  Liver Cancer by 40%.
  • Various studies have shown that Caffeine substance available in Coffee may protect against Parkinson's Disease.
  • People who consumes coffee have lower rate of Liver diseases like Gallstone disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases and cirrhosis. 
  • In a study shows, consuming coffee two 8 ounce servings per day may reduce heart fails. People who drink coffee daily have 11% lower chance of heart failures.

Risks of Coffee:

  1. Study shows that women who consumes a lot of coffee/caffeine have higher risk of Bone Fractures. On the other hand, men who consume a lot of coffee have lesser risk than women but they're also in some kind of danger.
  2. Consuming more coffee can affect in pregnancy. It may affect on pregnancy loss, lower birth weight of baby and even preterm birth. 
  3. There can be a risk of Endometriosis in women who take too much coffee. But it doesn't have a strong proof of that fact yet.
  4. People who consumes too much coffee may have a slightly high risk of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease.
  5. Taking a lot coffee can increase the risk of anxiety.

Now let's see the list of best Coffee Makers of 2021

Tecnora Caffemio Drip Coffee Maker

Tecnora Caffemio Drip Coffee Maker

Tecnora Caffemio Coffee Maker looks very elegant. This is the heaviest out of all other coffee maker of the list. And its capacity is huge. It can contain 1.8 liter which can easily fill up about 12 cups almost. It has a water level indicator which is printed largely.It has every feature of those coffee makers which are listed above. The main feature which makes this coffee maker more amazing is that it has one Nylon filter and two Stainless Steel Filters are available for different types and sizes of coffee beans.

So, the result is that Coffee is not always made so easily. We've seen some amazing coffee makers of 2021 today. Comment down your favourite Coffee Maker from all of that in the list. I hope you like this and if you have any query you can ask anytime.

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