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Best Air Purifiers To Purify Your and Your Babies' Rooms | 3 Best Air Purifiers 2020


In today's time, we breathe in the air where so many pollution making substances are available which makes air purifiers more popular to buy right now. Filtering out Aerosol Droplets which can carry COVID-19 particles, some smokes, air purifiers can intensively purify the air in your room. But with the immense competition in the market, how do you find the best air purifiers in the market?

So, we have come to the conclusion that you should get the best of the best Air Purifiers for yourself. Choose the best air purifier which will be able to cover enough area for purification in your room. 

Best air purifiers in the world

The main function of Air Purifiers is to consume the outer air and then filters inside it to clean the air and then it exhale the pure air to the environment. The Air Purifiers are designed to capture more than 99% of the particles which sized 0.3 microns or bigger. High Efficiency Particulate Absorbing which is also known as HEPA can remove even wildfire smoke, pollen(flowers dust), dust and other particles from environment.


BlueAir Pure 411

BlueAir 411 Purifier

The Blueair Pure 411 is quite simple, genuine purifier with smart design and amazing helper with your pocket. It will provide you particle and carbon filteration which can remove odour and pollutants easily. It works good within 160 square foot room and just priced $120. 

Best Air Purifier for Large Rooms

Honeywell Home HPA300 

Honeywell is a $250 air purifier which is a little bit expensive than other HEPA models. But one difference here is that it covers more area than other purifiers can. Its coverage is more than 450 square feet. Instead of its heavy design (normally weighs around 21 pounds), Honeywell Home HPA300 is actually a quiter model.

Best For Design Air Purifier

Coway AP1512HH HEPA Air Purifier

Coway AP1512HH HEPA

Coway's Air Purifier stands between BlueAir and Honeywell Air Purifiers both for the price and design. But something is here which makes it different from others which is its unique design and ion filtration tech. The Coway's Air Purifier can remove impurities inside 360 square feet.

Personal Point Of View

So, this is our choice of list for The Best Air Purifiers in 2020. But personally my favorite is that Coway's HEPA Air Purifier. This purifier is not very expensive and gives good design and filtration for the average size rooms. I hope you like this list and please also share your point of views, what you think about room Air Purifiers.


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