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Huawei P50 Pro 12GB RAM Price in USA 2021

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Best Office Laptops Under 30,000

  Are you looking for some top laptops today? Are you looking for laptops which are priced under 30000 rupees in India? Wait! Wait! Breath in  Breath out. You are in the right place. Also Read: Best Sites for Downloading Movies This post is all about best laptops below 30000 rupees . This list contains some affiliate links where you will get your favourite laptop and I'll also get some bucks from it. 30 000 rupees laptops are basically for those who work on very light tasks or for watching movies or use laptops for entertainment purposes. These laptops are filled with quite basic components and sometimes you will not find any graphics card inside the laptop. LIST OF THE BEST LAPTOPS UNDER 25000 IN 2021 FOR BEGINNERS AND STUDENTS And here we come, in this list I have put the best laptops, according to me, which everyone will love to have. So, let's get started. 1. Asus X543MA-GQ1020T Laptop Check price at Amazon Asus X543MA-GQ1020T Laptop is a full size 15.6 inch LED HD Ba

$300 Graphics Card for Budget Gamers

BEST GRAPHICS CARD UNDER $300 | BEST GPU UNDER 300 | GPU GUIDE 2021 Youth, nowadays, only want to become pro gamer and also want to stream their play on platforms like Twitch, Youtube or Facebook Gaming . To do so, they need the best graphics card or GPU. Today our primary reason for this post is to tell our followers about the best affordable GPUs . Graphics cards are quite expensive sometimes. But we have listed some of the graphics card which are priced not much just under $300 . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also Read: Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboards 7 Best Ultra Wide Gaming Monitors in US 6 Best Laptops with GTX 1660Ti GPU Best High Refresh Rate Gaming Monitors 5 Best PS5 and PS4 Controllers -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Best Graphics Card Under 300 GPUs are the main components to play high end games on PC and as we know, we gamers can't pass our day without play

The Best Internal and External SSD (Solid State Drive) in Canada [2021]

Solid State Drive or SSD is much faster than the Hard Disk Drive or HDD. But a little bit more expensive than HDD.  If you are a gamer or video editor or do something heavy on your laptop or computer then the most useful equipment you can have is a fast SSD. Solid State Drives can be found in various sizes in the market like 120GB, 250GB, 500GB, 1TB or more. The more the storage, the less you need to worry about your data. Some people adds both HDD and SSD into their PC so that they can store as much data as they can in the Hard Disk and work as fast as they can with their SSD. There are two types of SSDs which are available in the market: 1. Internal SSD 2. External SSD. Internal SSD and External SSD are almost the same but there's one difference that we cannot take internal SSD out of the computer anytime whereas External SSD are always meant to be more portable. So, today here we are just to talk about the best SSD (Solid State Drive) you can have in Canada. So, let's get st